3Gstore M2M Connectivity

Machine 2 Machine (M2M) technologies are being used more and more to improve or replace antiquated manual or Wireline processes or transactions utilizing the faster, more reliable, and more affordable Wireless Data Networks. Examples Include:

  • Mobile Kiosk
  • Payment Processing
  • Wireless ATM
  • Industrial/Remote Monitoring
  • Healthcare
  • Environmental

3Gstore can provide the wireless internet connectivity necessary for your M2M equipment at a cost that makes sense for your usage needs. Unlike the monthly plans available directly from mobile broadband providers, 3Gstore's custom M2M data plans include a very low data allowance (appropriate for M2M transactions) and
static IP address without a contract or hefty monthly fee.

  • Custom built data usage plans from 1MB - 20MB
  • Includes a static IP address (necessary for most M2M equipment)
  • Data pooling for businesses with multiple lines to eliminate overage charges (i.e. if you have five M2M setups with 3Gstore's 10MB/month data plans, you would have a total of 50MB of usage to share across all 5 devices - lower trafficked locations that use less can balance out locations that need slightly more data)
  • NO contract or commitment 
  • Customized data plans available for unique data needs
  • CDMA and GSM solutions available

Most importantly, 3Gstore provides unrivaled support for M2M customers. Our team understands the unique needs of M2M users and has the experience and expertise to help your business get set up with the perfect wireless solution for your individual needs.

3Gstore has the
CradlePoint COR product line for all your M2M needs.