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Information and Accessories for MC200LE-VZ 3G/4G Modem Cap on Verizon

About the MC200LE-VZ 3G/4G Modem Cap

MC200LE-VZ 3G/4G Modem Cap SIM Type: Standard 2FF

Key Features:

  • High-speed, wireless broadband internet access using 3G EVDO or 4G LTE service
  • Built for Durability and Reliability
  • Business application support for either primary connect or network failover applications
  • External high-gain antennas extend signal performance in fringe locations and areas of poor coverage
  • Specifically designed for CradlePoint MBR1200B, MBR1400, or CBA750 (sold separately) routers (NOT compatible with any other Cradlepoint models)

HIGH-SPEED 4G WIRELESS INTERNET: The MC200LE-VZ enables high-speed wireless internet access that meets and often exceeds the throughput from wired internet connections such as DSL, Cable, or even T1 lines.

DEDICATED AND SECURE: The MC200LE-VZ is designed to be securely attached to compatible CradlePoint routers to create an “embedded solution”. Unlike standard USB or ExpressCard modem sticks, the internal module cannot be used in laptops or personal computers. As a result, the modem is not a theft target for unauthorized uses.

As carriers begin to offer custom M2M metered data plans, this solution enables carriers and customers to utilize those data plans in remote, lights-out locations without fear of unauthorized usage or data plan abuse.

ENHANCED PERFORMANCE & RELIABILITY: The MC200LE-VZ is specifically optimized for enhanced performance and reliability when used with CradlePoint devices. By specifically optimizing the MC200LE-VZ for CradlePoint devices, the solution provides the highest levels of performance and reliability. Rigorous system validation testing ensures that the solution will provide durable connectivity and the best performance results possible for in-building locations, fringe locations, and other areas of low signal strength.


  • Technology: LTE 3GPP Rel. 8 , EVDO RevA, A/O; CDMA 1x
  • Downlink Rates: LTE 100 Mbps, EVDO 3.1 Mbps (theoretical)
  • Uplink Rates: LTE 50 Mbps, EVDO 1.8 Mbps (theoretical)
  • Frequency Band: LTE Band 13 (700MHz) Cellular/PCS (800MHz/1,900 MHz)
  • Power: LTE 23 +/- 1 dBm, EVDO 24 +/- 1dBm (typical conducted)
  • Module: Sierra Wireless MC7750
  • Antennas: Two SMA male (plug; socket is female), 1 dBi (LTE), 2 dBi (Cellular/PCS)gain
  • Industry Standards & Certs: Modem Model MC200LE: Verizon
  • FCC Part 15, 22, 24 & 27; TIA/EIA/IS-2000, IS-95-B, 3GPP Rel 8
  • Modem Certification Model Number: MC200LE
  • Modem Certification Part Number: MC200LE-VZ

Package Contents:

  • Integrated Modem Cap
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Locking Screws
  • External Antennas (2)

Antenna Port Location

The modem cap's antenna connectors are SMA/Female. If you are using an antenna with an SMA/Male connector, simply screw it directly onto the connector. If you are using an antenna with a cable terminated in FME/Female, attach the 971119 FME/Male to SMA/Male connector onto the end of your antenna cable and then you will be able to screw your cable into the modem cap (pictured here). If you are using a cable with an N/Male connector, you will either need TWO connectors (N/Female to FME/Female and then FME/Male to SMA/Male) OR you can use the RSA-3452 N/Female to SMA/Male connector.

Tips For Using Your Antenna/Adapters:

  • You do NOT need to replace both antennas - you can continue to use one of the stock antennas replace just one if you prefer.
  • If you're using a 4G-capable modem cap, remember that boosting 4G signal requires a 4G-capable antenna. Not all antennas will boost 4G!
  • If you're using a magnetic mount antenna, make sure it is connected to something magnetic or it will not work! If you're using an antenna that included radials, make sure the radials are screwed on or it will not be as effective! (other antennas do not require grounding)
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