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If we take all the Pepwave/Peplink products we sell and combine all the customer ratings, customers rate Pepwave/Peplink:

3Gstore is an certified Pepwave/Peplink dealer. 3Gstore carries all the Peplink Routers and has most in stock ready for immediately delivery. Our configuration services allows us to configure your router before we ship it to you. Not only do we sell Peplink, but we also use them throughout our organization.

For a peek at how you can manage your Pepwave/Peplink products, check out our Peplink Admin Interface Demo!

Why do businesses love Peplink routers? Read why here: Why choose Peplink or Pepwave hardware for your business?

About Pepwave/Peplink: A leader in SD-WAN routers. Peplink has the Max BR Series routers along with Max HD Series routers. The SD-WAN router is known as the Balance router and comes in multiple configurations. Most of Peplink's SDWAN routers are capable of running their patented and proprietary technology known as SpeedFusion.

Check out some of Pepwave/Peplink's customers:

Pepwave/Peplink has equipment that supports a variety of features, including load balancing, link control ("link controllers"), SpeedFusion VPN, bonding/aggregation, PPTP, IPSec VPN, WiFi as WAN, WiFi bridging, QoS, and more.