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Franklin Wireless

About Franklin Wireless:

Franklin Wireless is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of high speed wireless data products including third generation (“3G”) and fourth generation (“4G”) modems, routers and modules. Their current products are focused on widely deployed cellular technologies including CDMA EVDO Rev A, HSPA, WiMAX and LTE. They were the world’s first supplier of both CDMA EVDO Rev A and dual-mode (CDMA EVDO Rev A/WiMAX) Universal Serial Bus (USB) modems. Their industry leading USB modems (which are plugged into a computer’s USB port) provide consumers with an easy and convenient way in which to wirelessly connect to the Internet from laptop or desktop computers. These high-speed devices support the viewing of web pages, sending and receiving email with large file attachments, as well as downloading pictures, videos and music content. Franklin’s other products include Wi-Fi “hotspot” routers (which operate over WiMax or CDMA networks) and wireless modules that are generally sold to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Their company’s primary customers are wireless carriers who seek innovative, reliable and cost effective technology solutions for their subscribers. Their customer base extends from the United States to South America and the Caribbean.

Franklin Wireless is headquartered in San Diego, California and has a majority ownership position in Franklin Technology Inc. (FTI), a research and development facility located in Seoul, South Korea. Franklin Technology Inc. (FTI) provides design, development and manufacturing services to Franklin for its wireless data products. Franklin’s stock is publicly listed and currently trades under the symbol FKWL.OB.