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Wilson SOHO All-In-One No-Installation Repeater Kit [800/1900mhz]

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A surge protector goes in between your outside antenna and the amplifier and protects your amplifier if lightning strikes your antenna. It's not required but is recommended for users in areas where lightning strikes frequently.
Add Lightning Protection (optional) - details

Fast Facts about this Product:

  • This repeater kit is best for: RV-ers wanting more indoor coverage than a vehicle-class repeater but don't want to mount an antenna outside; also great for users who need an option that does not require permanent installation of the antennas (such as apartment dwellers, etc).
  • Coverage area*: large RV or 1-3 rooms in an average home/office
  • All-in-One Kit? YES
  • Compatibility: 800mhz/1900mhz networks, which are used by most 2G (voice) and 3G networks in the USA, including:
    • Verizon 2G/3G
    • Sprint 2G/3G
    • AT&T 2G/3G and HSPA+ (which shows up on your device as "4G" - NOT LTE)
    • Datajack and Virgin Mobile 3G
    • T-Mobile and Cricket 2G
    • Does NOT work with LTE (Verizon/AT&T/Sprint/US Cellular/MetroPCS 4G), WiMAX (Sprint/CLEAR 4G), Nextel/iDen, or AWS (T-Mobile 3G/4G and Cricket 3G)

Do a site survey before buying this amplifier! If you're purchasing this to use in just one location, we strongly recommend doing a site survey first to determine whether the amplifier will help your signal and performance and to give you an idea of what kind of results you can expect from it. Start here: Will an Antenna/Amplifier Help Me?

If your signal is extremely poor (-108db or worse), an amplifier may not help you. There must be some usable signal available for the amplifier to boost for it to be effective.

The All-In-One SOHO kit for RV includes everything you need to boost voice and 3G signal wirelessly in a larger RV/trailer. This kit requires NO permanent installation. The magnetic mount antenna can be placed on the suction-cup window mount attached to any exterior-facing window, and the desktop antenna can sit on any desk, tabletop, etc. There is nothing to permanently mount, no screws needed, no holes to drill and no fishing cable through attics, walls or cabinets!

How it works: The magnetic mount antenna picks up the cellular signal and sends it through the first cable to the amplifier. The signal is then boosted and sent through the second cable to the inside antenna, which rebroadcasts the boosted signal. All of your modems/phones within range of the inside antenna can benefit from the boosted signal wirelessly.

*Many factors will influence the actual coverage area you will see from a repeater, including layout/floorplan, construction, and original un-amplified signal strength. Depending on your situation, you may see more or less coverage than the estimates listed here. It is not possible to guarantee coverage area.

Installation notes:

  • In order for your system to function properly, you must maintain adequate separation between the outside and inside antennas (if the antennas are too close together, there will be oscillation/feedback between the antennas and the amplifier will shut down). This amplifier requires approximately 20' of separation between the outside and inside antennas. In our testing, we have found that RV users can typically get away with as little as 10' of separation as long as the inside desktop antenna is aimed AWAY from the outside antenna. Separation can be horizontal or vertical.
  • If you cannot achieve adequate separation to eliminate oscillation, you can turn down the gain on the amplifier, but that will result in a smaller coverage area from the amplifier.
  • The magnetic mount antenna MUST be connected to something magnetic or it will not work! A suction cup window mount, which provides a magnetic base for the antenna, is included in this package.
  • For more details, you can download the installation manual (PDF)

Features & Benefits:

  • Automatic gain control to prevent signal oscillation
  • Automatic shut down on overload
  • Designed specifically for small office and home office environments, apartments, high rises, condominiums and dorm rooms.
  • Greatly reduces signal disconnects and drop outs
  • Significantly improves voice and data signal quality
  • Has up to 10 times more power than your cell phone or laptop cellular data card
  • Extends battery talk and standby times
  • FCC and IC (Industry Canada) type accepted
  • Patent pending

Package includes:

  • Wilson In-Building Wireless Dual-Band SOHO Repeater (801245)
  • AC power supply
  • Cigarette lighter power supply (859913)
  • Wilson Magnetic Mount Antenna (301103)
  • Wilson Window Mount for Magnetic Mount Antenna (901128)
  • Wilson Directional Dual-Band Desktop Antenna (301208)
  • 10' RG58 cable (951102)
801245 SOHO Amplifier Specifications
Frequency 824-894MHz & 1850-1990MHz
Gain 55 dB / 60 dB
Max Output Power +30dBm
Max RF +30dBm/+10dBm
Noise Figure 3dB/4dB nominal
Isolation > 90dB
Impedance 50ohms
Noise Figure <9dB
Power Consumption 120 VAC, 3A max
RF Connections Outside/Inside Antenna Port: FME/Male
Dimensions 5.6 x 3.6 x 1.7 (inch)
Weight 1.5lbs
Recommended Environmental Temperature Under 120°
FCC Approved FCC ID: PWO8012SM
IC Approved IC ID: 4726A-8012SM

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Date Added: 08/04/2011 by Joe T. (Angleton, TX)
Bought the unit to replace a direct connect unit to allow cell phone usage and air-card usage. Unit works great and would recommend to others

Date Added: 10/23/2010 by Judy H. (Maple Valley, WA)
We recently moved to an area with poor satellite reception. For several months we suffered with either no service or sporadic service on both our iphone and our wireless internet. Our providers are AT&T for the iphone and Verizon wireless. We finally decided to try the SOHO kit and have had absolutely no loss of service since. In fact, my husband is now able to telework from home which would have been impossible without this kit. The kit's a big investment but it's sure paying off for us. We almost ordered the cheaper one though as one of the customer service employees was not aware that when you have two different service providers, you have to buy a kit that can pick up signals from different sources. Fortunately I talked to someone else at 3G who had more knowledge and she explained the need for the more expensive kit. Thanks!

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We recommend downloading the installation manual (pdf) before ordering.

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