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CradlePoint Security Enclosure/Cap for MBR1200/MBR1200B/MBR1400/CBA750 - DISCONTINUED

No Longer Available

Item Number: 1700




This accessory has been discontinued. No replacement is available.

This accessory for the Cradlepoint MBR1400/MBR1200B/MBR1200/CBA750 protects your 3G/4G data card(s). If you will be using your MBR1200, MBR1200B, MBR1400, or CBA750 in a public area, OR you want to keep your 3G/4G Data cards secure, the Security Cap/Enclosure will allow you to protect your cards from damage or theft. NOT compatible with any other Cradlepoint models.

This enclosure roughly doubles the size of the router, but by using the included tamper-resistant T10 screws to attach the security enclosure, your 3G/4G data cards will be secure.


  • External Cellular Modem Antenna Holes
  • Star-Topped Security Screws
  • Vented for Proper Air Flow

Compatible with:

  • MBR1400
  • MBR1200B
  • MBR1200
  • CBA750

NOT compatible with any other Cradlepoint models!

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Date Added: 06/16/2016 by Phil C. (CARLSBAD, NM)
Have not used it yet

Date Added: 02/18/2016 by Ken P. (Simi Valley, CA)
Couldn't use it with a USB modem.

Date Added: 01/05/2016 by Chris H. (Ypsilanti, MI)

Date Added: 12/28/2015 by J. P. (Cedar Park, TX)
I didn't really order this; it came free with the product. I have no use for it.

Date Added: 11/19/2015 by William D. (Corpus Christi, TX)

Date Added: 07/04/2012 by Brian G. (New City, NY)
Fits nicely to protect USB modems. the 2 holes that are given to run the external antenna wires through had to be drilled out/enlarged because of the adapters.

Date Added: 05/04/2011 by
A good product with the cradlepoint but maybe a little expensive...

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