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Wilson Sleek 2G/3G Cell Phone/Hotspot Cradle Signal Booster - 815226 [800/1900mhz]

No Longer Available

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This model has been discontinued. See the other Sleek models

Fast Facts About This Product:

  • This repeater kit is best for: Mobile users who need to boost the signal to one phone or hotspot in a car, truck, or SUV. (can be used indoors with accessory kit - sold separately)
  • All-in-One Kit? YES
  • Compatibility: 800mhz/1900mhz networks, which are used by most 2G (voice) and 3G networks in the USA, including:
    • Verizon 2G/3G
    • Sprint 2G/3G
    • AT&T 2G/3G and HSPA+ (which shows up on your device as "4G" - NOT LTE)
    • Datajack and Virgin Mobile 3G
    • T-Mobile and Cricket 2G
    • Does NOT work with LTE (Verizon/AT&T/Sprint/US Cellular/MetroPCS 4G), WiMAX (Sprint/CLEAR 4G), Nextel/iDen, or AWS (T-Mobile 3G/4G and Cricket 3G)

Do a site survey before buying this amplifier! If you're purchasing this to use in just one location, we strongly recommend doing a site survey first to determine whether the amplifier will help your signal and performance and to give you an idea of what kind of results you can expect from it. Start here: Will an Antenna/Amplifier Help Me?

If your signal is extremely poor (-108db or worse), an amplifier may not help you. There must be some usable signal available for the amplifier to boost for it to be effective.

The Sleek works with all devices on most conventional 2G and 3G networks. Wilson signal boosters feature cell site protection technologies refined over more than a decade of research and development. Optional indoor accessory kit (sold separately) allows use at home or in the office. FCC type accepted.

How it works: The magnetic mount antenna picks up the cellular signal and sends it through the cable to the cradle amplifier. The signal is then boosted and pushed out to the phone or device sitting in the cradle.

Installation diagram:

not to scale. representative graphic only (appearance of actual components may vary)

Installation notes:

  • The magnetic mount antenna MUST be connected to something magnetic or it will not work! If you're using the Sleek in a car/truck, you can simply stick it on the roof of the vehicle. For home use, we recommend buying the indoor accessory kit (sold separately), which includes a window mount that provides a magnetic base for the antenna.
  • Your phone or hotspot must be in the cradle to benefit from the signal boost.
  • For more details, you can download the installation manual (PDF)


  • Reduces dropped calls, extends signal range, and increases data rates
  • Built in amplifier boosts signals to and from cell site
  • Up to 20 TIMES more output power to cell site when in a vehicle
  • Receives weak signals the phone alone may not
  • Extends battery life – Amplifier enables phone to work at reduced power
  • Simplifies hands free operation
  • Installs in minutes – no special tools required
  • Package includes everything needed -- plug-and-play
  • Attractive, compact design
  • Adjustable arms to fit most any phone

The Wilson Electronics Sleek amplifier kit includes:

  • Sleek™ all in one cradle amplifier
  • 4" mini magnet-mount antenna w/ 12' cable
    • Other antennas can be used with the Sleek if you prefer. If you already own an antenna and you'd like to use it with the Sleek, you'll just need an adapter to connect your cable to the Sleek (if your cable ends in FME/Female, you'll need the FME/Male to SMA/Male Connector; if your cable ends in N/Male you'll need the N/Female to SMA/Male Connector)
  • Cigarette lighter power adapter (Use only with supplied cigarette lighter power supply. AC power supply available separately in the home/office accessory kit)
  • USB power cable
  • Installation guide
  • Limited one-year product warranty
  • Adjustable arms to fit most any phone/hotspot (accommodates devices up to 3.25" wide)


Part Number 815226
Frequency 824-894 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz
Gain 20 dB / 20 dB
Max Output Power 1.82 W
Noise Figure 3.0 dB nominal
Flatness ±4dB
Isolation > 40 dB
Power Requirments 5V
Connectors SMA Female
Dimensions 2.25 x 4.25 x 2.5 (inch) 5 x 9.5 x 5.6 (cm)
Weight 2.5 (oz) / 0.07 (kg)

The easiest, most affordable way to boost signal

Since we first heard that Wilson was developing the Sleek, we couldn't wait to get our hands (and phones) on one. An all-in-one cell phone signal booster for any cell phone that barely costs more than some traditional antennas?! It sounded too good to be true! To our extreme excitement, it was not too good to be true - the Sleek is small, portable, effective, and affordable.

Obviously, the most important consideration for a signal boosting product (or any electronic equipment) is whether it works. Price and style are nice, but if the product doesn't perform well, any other feature is irrelevant. To test the Sleek's performance, we tested it with a variety of different phones and even some aircards, in several different locations, and were consistently impressed with the results.

Read our complete hands-on review and video of the Sleek on

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Date Added: 03/12/2013 by Nancy S. (Cleveland Hts., OH)
This little gem did exactly what it promised! I was traveling in a motor home, much of it in reception-poor areas. Where previously I'd had HOURS of no reception or 1 bar of 6, with this - inside, sitting on the dash, not mounted outside - I had about 20 MINUTES of intermittent reception, in the most remote areas. My friend complains about the poor reception in her office, so I lent it to her, and her reception is so good that she's going to order her own! Generally, reception goes up by 2 to 3 bars, occasionally only 1, sometimes as much as 4, out of 5 or 6 total.

Date Added: 11/16/2012 by Tim B. (Freeland, MI)
I have owned the wilson Sleek 2G/3G Signal Booster for about 3 months now. It has performed flawlessly for me. I travel deep into the Upper Pennsula of Michigan. With the Wilson Sleek I have cell phone signal thru about 90-95% of the UP (currently using Verizon). I would highly reccomend this product to anyone who is looking to maximize their cell phone signal and call quality.

Date Added: 09/14/2012 by Michael P. (Readyville, TN)
Excellent product. Easy to setup. Easy to use. Excellent performance.

Date Added: 09/05/2012 by Kimberly A. (LA Porte, IN)
Wilson Sleek works exceedingly well for us in a permanent installation at our vacation home. The setup: AC adapter, Wilson Sleek 2G/3G, rf cable adapter, Wilson 32" Omni External, Motorola Atrix 4G on AT&T, USB tether to Windows XP, and Belkin WiFi. Before: approximately -100 dbm signal on the 2.5G (EDGE) tower with a connection that would barely hold a voice call and was completely useless for data. After: -75 dbm on the 2.5G tower and excellent performance. To our surprise we can also hit a 3G tower located in a neighboring town several miles away at -90dbm with very good connection on both voice and high speed data. Even streaming video works with little or no pausing. Our advice: If shopping for a Sleek and there's room for a full sized antenna, get one. The more signal available to the booster, the better it will perform. It certainly worked well for us. Obviously we're quite satisfied with the booster / antenna combo, and kudos to 3GSTORE for adding yet another satisfied customer!

Date Added: 07/19/2012 by Edward B. (Kingman, AZ)

Date Added: 06/27/2012 by Barry V. (Denton, TX)
I haven't tried the booster in my truck yet, but I have had it powered by a 12 battery that is charge by solar panel- immediately my phone signal jumped from 2 bars to the full five. How neat-o is that!? Used my phone "hot spot" too. Phone must be in the cradle for full boost. Fully satisfied with the Sleek Booster.

Date Added: 06/23/2012 by Robert S. (Dunedin, FL)
It semems to work okay. I currently am i. A strong cell area so it makes no difference in signal strength. I plan to make a 2,200 mile trip in the coming 10 days and will do an update afterthat experience.

Date Added: 05/17/2012 by James R. (Livingston, TX)
Wilson Electronics is the best and most inovative in it's field. Their products and service are everything a company should be. The Sleek is surprisingly more than I expected in performance with my Verizon aircard. Coupled with a Wilson Trucker antenna I went from poor or no service to 5 bars consistently. Another great product Wilson !

Date Added: 03/31/2012 by Joseph C. (Melbourne, Victoria)
Very impressed with signal booster. In a recognised black spot with no service I placed the I phone in the booster and instantly got 3 bars, I then raised the antenna as high as cable would allow and then got 4bars. Phone calls: loud and clear. A great product.

Date Added: 03/26/2012 by Mike A. (Macon, GA)
Great booster! Improved my internet speed on my mifi as well as my iphone signal. Highly recommend.

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Can the Wilson 301119 antenna be used with the Sleek rather than the included magnetic mount antenna?
Why do I need a magnetic base for the antenna?

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Wilson Electronics provides a two-year warranty on all of their products.

We recommend downloading the installation manual (PDF) before ordering.

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