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SureCall Verizon 4G LTE Direct Connect Amplifier [700Vmhz ONLY]

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Fast Facts About This Product:

  • This amplifier is best for: Providing the most signal possible to a single Verizon 4G LTE device that has an antenna port.
  • All-in-One Kit? NO - an antenna and an adapter to connect the amp to your device are required (sold separately)
  • Compatibility: Verizon 4G LTE on the 700mhz frequency only (NOT the AWS band Verizon also uses for LTE in some areas) - this amplifier will NOT work for ANY other networks (not even AT&T LTE - AT&T uses a different portion of the 700mhz frequency for their LTE network; AT&T users should use the CM700A-32 amplifier).

IMPORTANT SIGNAL INFORMATION: If you're purchasing an amplifier for use at one specific location, we strongly recommend doing a site survey first to determine whether the amplifier will help you and to give you an idea of what kind of results you can expect from it.

If your signal is extremely poor (-108db or worse), an amplifier may not be effective - there must be some usable signal available for the amplifier to boost. Conversely, if the signal is too STRONG at your location (-50db or better), the amplifier may shut down to avoid interference with the tower.

Are you stuck in a weak coverage area or traveling in a vehicle and want to improve your signal as much as possible? A good antenna is a must, but if you want the best possible signal, a direct connect signal amplifier is the answer. A direct connect signal amplifier goes in between your external antenna and your adapter cable (which plugs into your mobile broadband device's antenna port) to provide the best possible signal wherever you are.

The SureCall CM700V-32 is a high-performance amplifier that boosts the signal to Verizon 4G LTE devices. Combined with a 4G antenna, this amplifier will give you the best possible signal for your Verizon 4G modem. This AC-powered amplifier (AC power supply included, DC power supply available separately) is FCC-Approved, and provides the maximum output power allowed by the FCC for use by non-broadcasters.

Package Includes:

  • CM700V-32 direct-connect amplifier
  • AC Power Supply (DC power supply available separately)
  • 6' RG-58 cable with FME/Female on both sides (to connect your adapter cable to the amplifier)
  • Velcro and Screw Mounting Kit
  • User Manual


  • Frequency Range: Uplink: 776-787 Mhz / Downlink: 746-757 Mhz
  • Standards Supported:LTE
  • Gain: 32dB
  • Max Output Power: 3 watts EIRP
  • Impedance: 50ohms
  • Noise Figure: Maximum 5 dB
  • VSWR: Less than 2:1
  • AC Power Transformer: Input: AC110V, 60Hz; Output: DC 6V
  • RF Connectors: FME male
  • Power Consumption: <10W
  • Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 2"
  • Weight: 1lb 13oz

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Only customers who bought this item from 3Gstore can write a review - these are all verified 3Gstore purchases

Date Added: 05/09/2014 by Corey H. (TEHACHAPI, CA)

Date Added: 04/13/2014 by Charles M. (Chandler, AZ)
Did a good job on increasing the RSSI, but nothing for SINR.

Date Added: 12/27/2013 by Rodney B. (Vail, AZ)
I have been using this product for over 2 weeks now. So far been very HaPpy. Signal strength went from -72 /-70 dBm to -52/-46 dBm [average -50 dBm] I use this on a desktop using Verizon Wireless Modem, LTE: PANTECH UML290 with the Wilson Antenna Model 304453. My connection speed has been steady around 10mb download speeds.

Date Added: 12/04/2013 by Stephen S. (Excelsior Springs, MO)
This amp is as good as they decribe.After being run around by Verizon on my 4g coverage where I live I finally got 4g and hook up my amp. I went from a 103dbm to a 79dbm. I live in a rural area which is extended coverage by Verizon and also the signal is weak coming to my home from there cell tower.My speed went from 65mpbs to 73mpbs. I am happy with its performance.

Date Added: 11/23/2013 by Steve J. (Piedmont, AL)
Great amplifier. The video demo was right on.

Date Added: 11/15/2013 by Mike M. (Pittsburgh, PA)
This unit has been working very well with my Cradlepoint 650 for a little over two weeks now. My RSSI went from -125db to -51db by simply turning it on. Our SINR number is still not great, but we have not been experiencing any disconnects. Simple setup and seems to work really well.

Date Added: 09/21/2013 by James H. (Locust Grove, VA)
Bottom line: the amplifier fits its description-- it increases signal strength, which in my case went from -75dbm to -52dbm. Before I bought the amplifier, I would get ~-75dbm signal strength (I'm using a Netgear MBR1515 LTE Router). I also periodically (every six hours or so) lost connection to a tower nearly two miles away. I thought increasing signal strength would alleviate the connection problem. My bandwidth is ~15MBit down and ~10MBit up. BTW, Verizon recommends -56dbm or greater signal for a reliable connection. I called 3gStore, and the CSR was very helpful. I had previously purchased a yagi antenna and LMR cable. Consequently, I already had the necessary connectors to loop in the amplifier. I received the amplifier in two days, which I considered conveniently quick. Kudos to 3gStore for the prompt order processing. I hooked it up and I immediately experienced better signal strength. I typically get ~-52dbm now. However, my bandwidth hasn't really shown any improvement (for all intents and purposes, it's the same), nor has the reliability of my connection improved. It's possible the router is to blame, and I'm not sure what I can do about it. Netgear has not until now updated its firmware. So, to reiterate, the amplifier indeed increases signal strength, and it hasn't improved the consistency of my connection. I think I'll just have to live with it, given I live in a rural area, and the only alternative is satellite internet, which is not a good option. BTW, I have grandfathered unlimited data through Verizon, so at least I don't have to worry about bandwith caps. I conditionally recommend purchase contingent upon the possibility of using a different router providing a more reliable connection.

Date Added: 09/18/2013 by William S. (Georgetown, CA)
The unit was easy to connect and performs better than promised. I'm getting a signal boost of about 50 dBm, which is higher than I expected, but welcomed.

Date Added: 09/08/2013 by Joseph C. (pegram, TN)
I have had this amplifier a little less than a month but it seems to be working fine. My signal for 4G from Verizon is about 40 feet above the ground with absolutely no bars at ground level. I installed this on an antenna using a Wilson wide band Yagi 304411 and 100 feet of LMR 400 cable. I register about 2 to 3 bars on the VZ access manager now which is good enough to give me download speeds of 8000Kb and higher. I can now stream videos without annoying pauses. I could never do that with 3G. Cell phone mate has a 2 year warranty and the 3G store offers 1 year support. I like that. The price wasn't bad either.

Date Added: 07/12/2013 by David B. (Lake City, FL)
What a great product! I had -100db to -90db signal strength when my air-card was hooked up to my computer. After installing the 3db GPS & 3G/4G Cellular Paddle Antenna for Embedded Modules [TG-PADDLE] to the Cellphone-Mate 3-Watt Verizon 4g LTE Direct Connect Amplifier and connecting this amplifier to my CradlePoint 1400 I achieve -51 db signal!!! Great investment! My computer internet connection screams now!

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