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Outdoor Weatherproof Directional WiFi Panel Antenna for Pepwave Surf/MBR1400/IBR600 (cable sold separately)

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This antenna does NOT include cabling. You must select a length of cable from the below list. We include the RP-SMA adapter that you will need to connect any of these cables to your Cradlepoint or Pepwave device's WiFi connector with this bundle. If you already have the appropriate cable for this antenna, you may select the "I already have a cable" option.
Select a Cable (required) - details

This is a directional WiFi antenna that can be used as a replacement for the stock WiFi antenna(s) on the below devices:

When connected to the router's WiFi connectors, this antenna acts as a WiFi antenna - it will NOT improve cellular signal. If you're looking for something to improve your cellular signal, visit this page.

Included in this package:

  • Wilson 304453 (formerly 301157) antenna
  • RP-SMA adapter (to connect to your router's WiFi antenna connector)
  • Pole mounting hardware (included pole-mounting hardware accommodates pipe diameters from 1.25" - 2")


Part Number 304453 (formerly 301157)
Frequency Range 700-800 / 824-894 / 880-890 / 1710-1880 / 1850-1990 / 2110-2500mhz
Antenna Gain 700-800mhz: 5.12dbi
824-894: 4.4dbi
880-960: 4.2dbi
1710-1880: 10.0dbi
1850-1990: 10.6dbi
2110-2500: 8.2dbi
Beamwidth Horizontal Plane 70 degrees/60 degrees
Beamwidth Vertical Plane 50 degrees/45 degrees
Polarization Vertical
Impedance 50 ohms
VSWR < 1.5
Connector N-Female
Dimensions 8.27 x 7.09 x 1.73 inches / 21 x 18 x 4.39 cm
Weight 1.32 lbs / 0.6 kg

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Date Added: 03/09/2014 by Robert S. (Weir, MS)
mounted Outside on the Chimney side and went from 40-70% signal depending on the time of day to 100%...3G edvo to 4G LTE...worth money and antenna nd lm400 low lose cable with antenna mount...Antenna is about 20 Feet off the ground...Got inside signal improvement also before moving outside...bought 2nd antenna to use with cell phone in emergencies with loss of power,,,live in the country and get internet and use micocell thru internet to get cell reception

Date Added: 01/16/2014 by Jean G. (Clewiston, FL)
Went from 1 to 2 bars to 5 solid bars within thick forest using a Verizon JetPack

Date Added: 10/07/2013 by Shirley L. (Springtown, TX)
I am very pleased with this now that we got the right cables and the right adapter and got it in the air. It was frustrating at times because I was trying to do it on a budget but I had to see for myself why what I had would not match up. So, one piece at a time, I ended up with a good product.Thanks 3g people.

Date Added: 09/15/2013 by william r. (Lawrence, KS)
Nice size directional antenna i had 3db or more gain over trying the omni directional antenna. I live in rural area with no internet service, this antenna with my wifi hotspot i now have LTE data access.

Date Added: 08/04/2013 by chris r. (grantville, PA)
Shipping was fast. I'm using an lg optimus g on sprint. I was get -112dba with their 4glte and it would drop to 3g from time to time with just the wilson sleek U. I added this antenna and just placed it in the window for now and it raised me to -99dba. I'd imagine once i put it up on the roof it will be better. No more drops either, my lowest speedtest was 7.5meg down. Love it!

Date Added: 07/22/2013 by James B. (Harrisburg, IL)
I have a verizon 4150 mifi in a very rural area with a lot of trees and only 1-2 bars of signal showing. After the install and guessing on the direction of the nearest tower, I have all 4 bars showing of signal. I think this thing is doing a lot better than what I had. So far so good.

Date Added: 07/16/2013 by Sheila H. (Summersville, MO)
Wow - From dial up to FAST. Living out in the country, very few options - but this antenna and a hot spot and we're in business. Brought internet thru 1/2 mile of trees and then 5 miles to the nearest tower. We have a full 3G signal. Can't say enough about this product! It rocks - or should I say - it fly's! Thanks 3G Store.

Date Added: 06/30/2013 by Paul B. (Holyoke, MA)
I live full time in an RV so I'm always connecting to 'free' hotspots in campgrounds. It's very common for parks to have a free connection (hotspot) running inside a pay for service wireless network. In these situations the hotspsot is typically a router with a crummy antenna (if any). I use a pepwave surf mini connected to a linksys router for connecting to my access point. I put this antenna on the pepwave and mounted it on a pole outside my motorhome, about 3' above the roof. It boosted my signal about 9 db and took me from no bars on the pepwave to a solid signal that never goes away. I highly recommend this setup. Pepwave by itself is awesome in most situations, connecting when others can't even see the access point. With the addition of this antenna I don't think I'll ever be without hotspot access.

Date Added: 06/15/2013 by Daniel T. (Sherwood, MI)
-10db gain (4G LTE) when installed on the roof with the tower 2.7 miles away; speeds dramatically increased. This product does exactly what it says it does, is a fair price, and purchasing from 3Gstore is the icing on the cake. Above this was the 'long story short' version, here's the more in-depth version: We live out in the middle of nowhere in a complete dead zone. If you look at a map of cell phone towers in the area they form a circle around our house so we don't get good signal with any carrier. After working with 3Gstore in the past for my dad's home internet I went to them again for my mom's place. We got an aircard from Verizon; this antenna, and the low loss cable from 3G store. 3G store's shipping was prompt, the items were well packaged, and customer supper was great as usual. We mounted this antenna on the roof pointing in the general direction of the closest Verizon tower and called it good. Plugging the antenna in brings the signal from -104 to -94; a great improvement! Speed test results show faster pings (50-65ms from 70-120ms), increased download speeds (3-5Mb/s from 1Mb/s), MUCH faster upload speeds (7-9Mb/s from 1Mb/s), and the internet is much more consistent.

Date Added: 04/08/2013 by Frank H. (Warrenton, VA)
After I performed a site survey, this antenna was recommended, along with the Cellphone-Mate 4G LTE amp. Before drilling holes for the cable, I decided to try this indoors since I had access to a high loft area. I was very surprised to see my RSSI values drop from -90 to -39 (coupled with the amp and 75' run of LMR400 low loss cable) and significant SINR improvements. I really didn't expect to get such a solid signal based on the terrain between here and the tower. Note that this is a DIRECTIONAL antenna, so slight adjustments can make a big difference. I now have a very solid / reliable 4G LTE connection and the disconnects / drops I was experiencing a few times a day are history. Thanks again 3GStore!

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If this is a Wi-Fi antenna, how come the specs show all the cellular frequency ranges? What are the correct specifications for this antenna? I'm looking for something with more gain than the Hawking corner reflector
How far will the antenna broadcast