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5000mAh Extended Battery & Cover for Verizon 3G/4G MiFi 4620L and 4620LE - Lasts 2-3x Longer than Standard Battery!

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Extend your Verizon MiFi 4620L or MiFi 4620LE battery life by TWO TO THREE TIMES with this extended life battery! Includes a custom replacement battery door to accommodate the larger battery. This is the longest-lasting replacement battery available for the MiFi 4620L or 4620LE*!

Since the 4620LE's stock battery is longer lasting than the original 4620L, 4620LE users can expect to see up to double their regular battery life with this extended battery; original 4620L users will see their battery life approximately triple.

This extended battery is LARGER than the stock battery and increases the overall size/bulk of the device.

*this battery is NOT compatible with any other hotspot/Jetpack/MiFi. See our other hotspot batteries if you have a different device.


  • Includes custom battery door to accommodate extended battery
  • Li-ION battery technology
  • 3.7V
  • 5000mAh capacity

From same company that has MiFi 4510L / 2200

Although this item looks new, it is very similar to the extended battery we have for the MiFi 4510L and the MiFI 2200, which have over eighty 5 star reviews.

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Date Added: 09/13/2013 by Kent W. (Tucson, AZ)
I wanted a longer lasting battery. This does it. Follow the directions for conditioning the battery which should result in longer life.

Date Added: 03/15/2013 by Michael P. (Ridgeway, SC)
I bought this item to use with my Millenicom JetPack. One word, fantastic. I use the JetPack every day for Internet access with my Android Samsung Galaxt Tab 2. I get nearly a full day's use without having to recharge. From the start of the day using Waze for road guidance to email, web browsing and streaming music all day, Waze for the trip home and onto a charger. BIG difference between this upgrade and the stock battery. Well worth it. Makes the unit a little larger, yes, but still fits in my Wilson Sleek!

Date Added: 12/12/2012 by Norman S. (San Jose, CA)
Even better than I hoped. After the first couple of recharges, it gets me through an eight hour shift with some left over!

Date Added: 10/17/2012 by Michael M. (Rolling Meadows, IL)
Works as advertised, if not more. For my usage, this extended battery easily lasts longer than 3X the original. Running out of juice is no longer a worry, even on long days.

Date Added: 09/15/2012 by George S. (Irvine, CA)
This is my second extended battery from 3G Store for a Novatel MiFi. The first was for a MiFi 2200 and with the extended battery I had access all day on the road. Now with an upgraded JetPack 4620L, I wanted the same day-long battery life and the extended battery once again came to my rescue. Although it's now bulkier, the ability to have all-day Internet access is worth its weight and more. Go for it!

Date Added: 07/25/2012 by Sandra L. (Encino, CA)
I work in the entertainment industry, and I use my MiFi 4620L as my connection for my Wi-Fi only iPad. This extended battery keeps me connected for a really long day in remote locations, so that I can easily get and respond to notifications about future gigs, in circumstances where a cell/smart phone is forbidden. I don't have to worry about my connection going dead, I just turn on my Mifi in the morning when I leave for location, and turn it off when I get home (sometimes 16 hours later!) Yes, it gives me messages that the battery is almost out of power -- but eight hours later, I'm still connected. The only possible improvement would be if the MiFi correctly estimated the amount of power the battery has left.

Date Added: 07/11/2012 by penny y. (Shorewood, WI)
I made this purchase based on some recommendations I saw online. They were right on. This larger battery has allowed me to have all day (9 hours) of hotspot WiFi. I highly recommend the additional investment for anyone looking for longer term usage. I still have the original battery charged and ready to go so in reality I have for all intents WiFi available for every non-sleeping hour of the day. I would think this could be extremely valuable for anyone who works on the road and is looking for better internet service than found in many hinterland hotels. If you're in the city it might not be an issue but outside of urban areas this is fantastic. I use it at home, on the road and at our land which is in the middle of nowhere. Seems pricey up front but well worth the investment.

Date Added: 06/29/2012 by NANCY C. (BENTON, KS)
These extended batteries are a life saver. Now I can be on the internet almost 8 hrs

Date Added: 06/28/2012 by penny y. (Shorewood, WI)
I have been thrilled with the extended battery and how it has extended the usage to a full day on one charge.

Date Added: 06/25/2012 by Michael G. (Cary, IL)
WOW! This makes my JetPack 4620L so much more usable. I can use this thing ALL day long. I get around 10 hours and once I got 12 hours. If you only use off and on, this will last a few days. Highly recommended

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