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Millenicom $89.99/mo 20GB 3G/4G Service (Requires Compatible Device)

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You must select a device to use with the Millenicom service. A SIM is included with the 4G-capable devices (3G-only devices do not require a SIM).

What if I already own a compatible device? You can "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) for a fee of $25. For 3G/4G devices, you will need a SIM card to use in your device (included for free with the $25 fee) - make sure to choose the correct SIM size for your equipment! For 3G-only devices, no SIM is necessary - select the "3G-only device activation" option and provide your device type and ESN at checkout. The $25 BYOD fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Select a device (required) - details
If you have an existing account with Millenicom, please provide the email address associated with the account and we will add your new device to your account (and we will NOT have to call you to obtain payment information).
Do you have an existing Millenicom account? - details
Do you have an existing Millenicom account?

Millenicom orders must be placed by 12pm for same-day shipping.

Please note that the charge for the first month of service is a separate charge from Millenicom -  it is not charged at checkout. If you are ordering online, we will contact you after receiving your order to bill you for the first month of service - please make sure you provide accurate contact details as your order will not ship until this step is completed!

Millenicom's 20GB plan is a no-contract service that allows for 20 gigabytes of data transfer for just $89.99/month. Use our coverage tool to check coverage by address to make sure Millenicom has service where you need it!

You must purchase a compatible device to use the service. A variety of 3G/4G and 3G-only USB modems, hotspots, and embedded routers are available (for 3G/4G devices, a SIM card is included). If you already own a compatible device you'd like us to activate on Millenicom's plan, you can "BYOD" (bring your own device) for a $25 fee. 

More details:

  • What are the costs? The one-time activation fee is $50, and you must also select a compatible device (cost varies - see options at the top of the page). The 20GB monthly 3G/4G service costs $89.99/mo and is billed by Millenicom. No other fees apply, and you can cancel anytime!
  • How and when is the $89.99/mo billed? Millenicom will bill you $89.99/mo on the first of every month for the 20GB service plan (your first month of service will be prorated: for example, if you order on March 10th they will charge you $47.36 for the remaining 16 days of March [the first five days are waived to account for shipping/processing time] and your regular $89.99 monthly service charge will begin on April 1st). If you order within the last 10 days of the month, they will also bill you in full for the upcoming month (and then your regular $89.99 monthly service charge will begin on the first of the following month). The first month of service is not charged at checkout - it is a separate charge from Millenicom. If you order online, we will contact you after receiving your order to bill you for the first month of service.
  • Is the service unlimited? NO. The $89.99/mo service includes a 20GB data allowance and your service will be suspended if you exceed 20GB. If you need more data, another 20GB can be added to your account for an additional $89.99.
  • How fast is the service? Speeds will vary depending on whether you're in a 3G or 4G area and how strong your signal is. Below are the average speeds you can expect, assuming you're in a good coverage area (click here to check coverage):
    • 4G (LTE): 5-20Mbps download, 2-5Mbps upload
    • 3G (EVDO Rev-A): 600-1400kbps download, 200-800kbps upload
  • IMPORTANT CANCELLATION POLICY INFO: If you need to cancel your service, you must contact Millenicom within 24 hours of receiving your equipment to request cancelation. As long as you call Millenicom to cancel within 24 hours of receiving your order, you will be eligible for a FULL refund of the $50 activation fee and the first month service charge (thereafter, you may cancel your service anytime - there is no contract - but you would not be eligible for a refund on the activation fee or the monthly service). 3Gstore's standard 30-day return policy applies to the equipment, and the $25 setup fee for customers with their own devices is not refundable. Read the full RMA policy before ordering!
  • Read more on our FAQ page.

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