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75' Black Ultra Low Loss Cable (N/Male Connectors)

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Item Number: 633



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This 75' ultra low loss cable has N-Male connectors on BOTH ends.

There are a number of applications for this cable, some of which may require special adapters/connectors to connect this cable to your equipment. Several popular uses for this cable, along with information about any connectors needed, are described below. If you aren't sure whether this cable is appropriate for your needs or whether you need additional connectors, please contact us.

  • If you are using this cable to connect an antenna with an N/Female connector to an adapter cable or amplifier with an FME/Male connector, you will need a 971107 connector to connect this cable to the adapter cable or amplifier (the other side of the cable will connect directly to the antenna)
  • If you are using this cable as an extension cable for an antenna with an FME/Female-terminated cable, you will need a 971108 connector to connect your antenna's cable to this cable. You will also need a 971107 connector to connect the other side of the cable to the adapter cable or an FME/Male amplifier.
  • If you are using this cable to connect an antenna with an N/Female connector to an amplifier with an N/Female connector, you do not need any adapters.
  • This cable is NOT recommended for use with the Indoor Portable Antenna or 12" Magnetic Mount Antenna unless a Direct-Connect Amplifier is used. Even then, unless you position the antenna in a location that has GREATER SIGNAL to begin with, you may experience too much signal loss. If you do choose to use this cable with one of those antennas, you will need a 971108 connector to connect your antenna's cable to this cable, and a 971107 connector to connect this cable to your adapter cable (or to the amplifier).

*this cable may be manufactured by either Wilson Electronics or Cellphone-Mate


  • Cable length: 75'
  • Connectors: N/Male
  • Cable diameter: 7/16"
  • N/Male connector diameter: 3/4"
  • Impedence: 50ohms

Signal Loss:

  • The amount of signal attenuation you'll see depends on which frequency you're using. This cable averages approximately 3.8dB of signal loss. Attenuation for each frequency is below:
    • 700mhz: 2.6dB
    • 800mhz: 2.8dB
    • 1700mhz: 4.1dB
    • 1900mhz: 4.4dB
    • 2100mhz: 4.6dB
    • 2400mhz: 5.0dB
    • 2500mhz: 5.1dB
  • Approximately .5dbm is lost at each connection between 2 cables
  • To prevent excessive signal loss, this cable should NOT be daisy chained with other cables! It is always better to use one longer piece of cable than to screw two shorter cables together.


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Date Added: 05/14/2014 by Brad V. (Huntsville, AL)
Good quality cable and connectors. There is no other coax that has low loss characteristics like LMR 400 in the higher frequencies. The only problem with LMR400 is its diameter and stiffness. There is smaller diameter coax that is more flexible but it has greater loss. 3Gstore has what you need, LMR400.

Date Added: 04/08/2013 by Frank H. (Warrenton, VA)
Very heavy duty cable. Impressed with the quality - and you'll need an ultra low loss cable for runs like this to your antenna. I coupled this with a directional antenna and 4G amp and realized very significant gains in signal strength / quality / stability of my 4G LTE connection.

Date Added: 05/16/2012 by Stephen S. (Excelsior Springs, MO)
Customer service was very helpful,worked very well for me. Cable is made with very high quality.

Date Added: 01/27/2012 by John D. (Herrin, IL)
Appears to be high quality product. No problems with it at all. Seems to do the job it is intended to do. Uncoiled much more easily than I expected with very little memory kink. I am very satisfied with this product.

Date Added: 11/09/2011 by Glenn G. (Hayden, ID)
The cable performed as described

Date Added: 05/10/2011 by Ronnie L. (Sealy, TX)
this really helped my speed stay constant Thanks

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