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Networking & Misc > Data Cards

If your business is looking for 3G or 4G USB modems or hotspots, 3Gstore can help you get them. 3Gstore has access to no-contract data cards from manufacturers such as Novatel and Pantech for use on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Canadian data networks, and can source them in very large quantities at the best possible price. 3G and 4G data cards plug directly into a USB port on your PC or laptop or compatible 3G/4G router, and most come with installation drivers pre-loaded. Available features include removable memory support for storage, VPN capabilities and the option to add high-performance external antennas.

3Gstore's bulk data card offerings are ideal for companies that are rolling out a new mobile broadband solution at multiple locations, as well as businesses that need to upgrade old equipment used by their employees remotely or within their office buildings. We can also work with resellers who buy in bulk to sell to their own customers. All data cards sold by 3Gstore are guaranteed to have clear ESNs/IMEIs for seamless activation with your carrier, and we provide a 90 day warranty in addition to our standard free year of expert technical support.

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