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The world of mobile broadband and networking isn’t limited to routers, modems and servers. Whether you’re looking mobile data cards and hotspots for your business, Ethernet bridges for long-range wireless networking, there are a number of specially designed devices that will keep your high-tech life running smoothly. In our Networking & Miscellaneous department, you can find devices that seem random at first glance, but can end up being the best tool in your networking toolbox.

Businesses looking for bulk quantities of 3G or 4G USB modems or hotspots can find them at 3Gstore. We have access to data cards in large quantities for use on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and other North American networks. These devices plug directly into your PC or laptop’s USB port or a USB port on a 3G/4G router and are ideal for companies who are rolling out a new mobile broadband solution at multiple locations or who need to upgrade old equipment. All data cards sold by 3Gstore are guaranteed to have clear ESNs/IMEIs for seamless activation.

If you’ve ever wanted to extend a wireless network beyond even the best signal booster capabilities, you’ll love our long range Ethernet bridge kits. These preconfigured systems wirelessly connect two locations up to a mile or more away using a point-to- point system, and are a great wat to remotely connect office buildings or provide internet access to a guest house. Businesses and homeowners looking for remote audio and video monitoring can shop our selection of CloudCam remote cameras. With a wireless plug-and- play IP remote cameras, you can record and view the things most important to you from anywhere in the world when you can’t be there in person.

When you order from 3Gstore, you’ll get industry-leading quality with the great customer service you’ve come to expect. With a number of refurbished, open-box and bulk items available, you’ll get big discounts without sacrificing performance, and we have your back with a year of free tech support. When it comes to mobile broadband, you never know when you’re going to find a diamond in the rough, and our Networking & Miscellaneous department is filled with them.