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This refurbished no-contract modem is "like new" (no packaging included) and is perfect for:

  • Customers wanting to sign up for Verizon's month-to-month service (simply call Verizon after receiving the modem to set up service and receive a SIM card [or add a SIM card above])
  • Existing Verizon customers who want to swap to a more current device or need to replace a lost/broken device, but don't want to alter their contract (purchasing this device will NOT extend or alter your Verizon contract - once you get the new device, you can insert your SIM if you're swapping from another 4G device, or you can contact Verizon to do an "ESN swap" and get a SIM for the UML290 [or add a SIM card above])
    • If you are swapping from a 3G-only device and currently have an old unlimited plan, you will NOT be able to keep your plan. Switching to a 4G device requires you to choose a 4G plan.
    • The UML290 has a standard-sized (2FF) SIM slot - if you plan to use a 3FF microSIM, you'll need the micro-to-standard SIM adapter.
  • IMPORTANT: This is a VERIZON modem - it cannot be used for any other service providers.
  • You may need VZAccess Manager to activate your modem - if you don't already have it installed, you can download it at

Refurbished devices fall under 3Gstore's standard 30-day return policy (read more at There is no manufacturer's warranty on refurbished devices.

The UML290 USB modem together with the most advanced 4G network in the world transforms your laptop into a mobile powerhouse, providing 4G speeds, wide area, wireless connectivity from virtually anywhere! Users will benefit from speeds up to 10X faster than 3G. The UML290 comes equipped with a fold–away, 180 degree rotating USB connector, an LED Service Status Indicator and a internal antenna. UML290 users will have the capability to run much more complex applications, stream live, high–definition video, enriched navigation experiences, multiplayer interactive gaming, and richer advertising and entertainment options, all while being mobile.

MAC OSX WARNING: This modem is NOT compatible with OSX 10.10

Pantech UML290 - Refurbished, Like New
No Contract Upgrade for Verizon

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