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We Support Our Customers

3Gstore Support Live Feed

Below are some of the support calls from our 3Gstore Support Department. Our support is what makes us not only unique, but the reason that 30% of our orders are repeat customers. Many companies do not provide support, but we do and we are proud of it.

  Summary Call Length Date
SMA/Male Crimp for LMR400/9913 Cable Resolved: how to use 00:16:37 11/01/2016
Pepwave Surf On-The-Go Resolved: Q&A Setup 00:14:35 11/01/2016
Pepwave Surf On-The-Go Resolved: data usage 00:05:57 11/01/2016
2-Outlet IP Switch Resolved: email laerts 00:03:01 11/01/2016
2-Outlet IP Switch Resolved: 1st time step Q&A 00:12:32 11/01/2016
Pepwave Surf SOHO 3G/4G Router w/ 802.11AC WiFi Resolved: Q&A Setup 00:04:02 11/01/2016
SimplyBonding Service Resolved: Q&A RSSI/Speed Test 00:53:29 11/01/2016
Pepwave MAX HD4 w/ 4 x North America 3G/4G Resolved: re enabled connection 00:25:30 11/01/2016
Pepwave Surf On-The-Go Resolved: 1st time setup/ Cellular 00:59:51 10/31/2016
Pepwave MAX BR1 with North America 3G/4G Resolved: static ip info 00:03:53 10/31/2016
2-Outlet IP Switch Resolved: cancel service 00:11:13 10/31/2016
Peplink Balance 310 Resolved: upload speeds 00:46:19 10/31/2016
Peplink Balance 210 Resolved: speedfusion setup 00:00:14 10/28/2016
Peplink Balance One Resolved: Comcast NAT issue 01:02:28 10/28/2016
Refurbished Verizon 3G/4G Pantech UML295 Resolved: firewall rules 00:21:02 10/28/2016
CloudCam HD Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera Resolved: setup and use 00:35:19 10/28/2016
SureCall 9.5" Wide Band Outdoor Omni Antenna Resolved: signal questions 00:13:53 10/28/2016
Peplink Balance 310 Resolved: Q&A 00:12:00 10/28/2016
FME/Male to SMA/Male Adapter Resolved: missing adapter 00:04:44 10/28/2016
Panorama Indoor/Outdoor MiMo 3G/4G Antenna Resolved: Q&A 00:00:49 10/28/2016