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Antenna Frequency: MetroPCS 4G LTE (1700mhz band 4)

With the use of T-Mobile's towers, MetroPCS is able to offer 4G LTE to prepaid customers from coast to coast. But while the coverage maps cover large swaths of land between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, you may still find that your MetroPCS 4G LTE service is shaky and unreliable in some areas - and that includes metro areas.
While network congestion may cause data speeds to slow, especially with T-Mobile customers getting priority, it can often be local interference that causes regular issues with your reception. Local obstructions, such as walls and floors, can make your 4G LTE service unreliable or unavailable. But if your device is able to detect a signal, then there are a host of options available from 3Gstore that will help you amplify or repeat it. Our 1700mhz antennas use band 4 to help your mobile device pick up a stronger 4G LTE signal, and can be also used with other bands depending on your needs. In addition, our repeaters can expand strong coverage into dead areas.

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