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Antenna Frequency: Sprint 4G LTE (2500 band 41)

If your Sprint 4G LTE coverage seems a little lackluster, you might be in need of a Spark. Sprint Spark is the term the wireless carrier has given to coverage areas where consumers can enjoy the synergies of its primary 1900 mhz band 25 part of the spectrum, along with its complementary 850mhz booster band and 2500 mhz band 41.
3Gstore has a wide assortment of Sprint compatible products, and if you're looking for antennas that will work with Sprint's band 41 frequency to improve your 3G and 4G signal, we have you covered. We carry a comprehensive collection of indoor, outdoor wall mount, roof mount, magnetic and marine antennas all guaranteed to pull in band 41, while also working with other frequencies.

Order one of our 2500mhz antennas today to get the most out of Sprint's complementary frequencies and Spark your 4G LTE coverage. And if you need to boost your reception of any of Sprint's other active parts of the spectrum, be sure to also check out our selection of products guaranteed to work with bands 26 and 25.

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