3G/4G/LTE Bonding - Aggregating Bandwidth


Frustrated with slow uploads, frequent disconnections, and intermittent speeds from your wireless solution? Accelerate large file transfers, video streaming, and other bandwidth intensive tasks with 3G/4G bandwidth bonding. Bandwidth Bonding will give you the reliability and speed of a landline connection on all your mobile devices.

Consistently Fast, Easily Scalable Mobile Networks

Enjoy faster download and upload speeds with 3G/4G bandwidth bonding. Traffic is distributed across all links, making maximum use of available bandwidth. Scale your bandwidth as you go simply by adding extra 3G, 4G, or other wireless connections at any time.

Designed for Mobility

The 3G/4G Bonding solution was designed from the ground up for mobile environments. Small and rugged, can be installed anywhere and is tolerant of electrical power fluctuations, making it resistant to surges right out of the box. When AC power is not available, you can also directly wire DC power to the terminal block.

Flexible 3G/4G Support

The 3G/4G Bonding solution supports more than 70 different USB modem and carrier configurations, and we continuously work with technology partners and customers around the globe to ensure that new modems are supported quickly. Just grab the fastest modem on the market and you are ready to go! Click here to see a list of supported modems:

Replace Traditional Wireless Delivery

3G/4G bandwidth bonding can replace traditional wireless technologies, such as expensive and unreliable microwave or satellite connections, saving you money and increasing dependability. And as new data delivery technologies become available, our bandwidth bonding makes it a snap to trade up to a better and faster solution.