Low Loss Coax Cable Assemblies for 3G/4G Data Cards, Cell Phones & Amplifiers


Coax cable extensions are typically used to extend the antenna cable lengths in repeater systems or home antenna setups.

Depending upon the length of the cable run required and the amount of signal loss tolerable, we offer a large selection of the highest quality coaxial cable from a variety of manufacturers including Times Microwave, Andrew, Antenex, Wilson Electronics and others.

  • Under 20': RG-58 or LMR-195 series cable which has 12dB or less of signal loss (800MHz band) per 100'.
  • Under 30' LMR-240 series cable which has 7.6dB of signal loss (800MHz band) per 100'.
  • Greater than 20': LMR-400 series cable which has 3.8dB of signal loss (800MHz/850MHz band) per 100'.
  • Greater than 100', especially in the PCS (1900MHz) Band: Custom made 1/2" Transmission line (LMR-600 series) which offers 2.5dB of loss per 100' on the 800MHz band and 3.8dB of loss per 100' on the 1900MHz band.

custom coax

Bulk Coax Cable, Connectors and Custom Coaxial Cable

We also offer bulk cable and connectors (LMR-195, LMR-240, LMR-400 and CNT-600/LMR-600) as well as a large variety of coax adapters to convert from one coax connector to another if needed. We are also able to build custom cable assemblies to your specification in a timely manner.

  • When selecting a cable length, in order to minimize signal loss, choose the shortest cable that will satisfy the requirement.
  • For cellular repeater systems we recommend that you use nothing smaller than LMR-400 series cable to ensure maximum system performance.
  • Please note that LMR-400 and LMR-600 cables have N/Male connectors so you may need an adapter to connect to your equipment.
  • As a variety of connectors are available on coax cable, please ensure that your have the proper connectors or adapters for your equipment.