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Information and Accessories for Home Phone Connect FT2260VW on Verizon

About the Home Phone Connect FT2260VW

Home Phone Connect FT2260VW

Product Features

  • Talk time: Up to 190 Minutes
  • High-quality, clear voice service just like a landline, but on Verizon's cellular network instead
  • Dual Band (800/1900 MHz CDMA)
  • 1500 mah NiMH Backup Battery
  • Weight: 12 ounces

Antenna Port Location

The FT2260VW Home Phone Connect has a TNC Female antenna connector. Attach the 971106 FME/Male to TNC/Male connector onto the end of your antenna cable (if you are using a cable with an N/Male connector, you will use TWO adapters: N/Female to FME/Female and then FME/Male to TNC/Male) and then you will be able to screw your cable into the Home Phone Connect.
Already have an antenna/amplifier and just need the adapter cable?