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Information and Accessories for USBw 100 (W100) on CLEAR

About the USBw 100 (W100)

USBw 100 (W100)

USB Compatibility-2.0 USB Port
CDMA Frequency-EVDO Rev. A/1xRTT Dual Band 800/1900 MHz
WiMAX Frequency-2.5 GHz



Antenna Port Location

This device does not have an antenna port to directly connect an antenna to, but you can use an antenna with your device by using a passive adapter cable.

The passive adapter will connect to your phone/hotspot via the included velcro patch (which has adhesive backing to stick to your device). The passive adapter should be placed near the device's internal antenna (for the iPhone, that would be the lower back of the phone; for Blackberry models it would be the top of the back of the phone. See your device's manual for placement on other devices OR experiment with different placements until you find the location that results in the best signal gain).
Already have an antenna/amplifier and just need the adapter cable?