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Traditional signal boosters for cellular devices can require considerable effort to install and optimize, making it a hassle to improve the coverage of your home or office. They require an antenna to be mounted outside the building and at least one antenna inside (often more for max coverage), along with a lot of new holes to accommodate all that wiring. Nextivity’s pairs of cell signal booster simplifies all of that.

Cel-Fi signal boosters consist of a network unit and a coverage unit. Simply place the network unit in a window in the area of your building where the signal is the strongest. Then place the coverage unit in the area of your building that’s most in need of a signal boost. It’s that simple.

Using a set of Nextivity signal boosters, you can add thousands of feet of prime coverage to any area in range of a tower owned or leased by your cell service provider. Nextivity’s boosters are carrier specific, tuned to get the best reception from your provider. Models are available for Verizon and AT&T, and are approved by the respective carriers.

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