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Licenses for Sierra Wireless Routers

Sierra Wireless offers a variety of management and support licenses for their routers.

Extended Warranty: The ES, GS, LS, MP, and RV series routers include a 3-year warranty which can be extended to 5 years if desired.

AirLink Management Service (ALMS): The AirLink Management Service is a secure cloud- based device management application that makes it easy to deploy, monitor and upgrade any number of wireless devices remotely.


  • Fast Deployment:
    • Start today
    • Comprehensive configuration and management features for AirPrime modules and AirLink gateways
    • Provision batches of devices with their associated airtime subscription and firmware in minutes
    • Activate/ Deactivate airtime subscription
  • Powerful Monitoring:
    • Reduce downtime
    • Manage your devices with the industry’s most powerful monitoring dashboards
    • Monitor your remote deployment by communication status, radio signal strength, and firmware/ embedded application versions
    • Receive alerts for mission critical events to perform pre-emptive maintenance
  • Over-The-Air Upgrades:
    • Extend deployment lifetime
    • Real-time upgrade campaign monitoring
    • Automatic firmware and embedded applications delivery
    • Perform other device control actions over-the-air including reboot, configure, wake-up, send SMS & AT commands

AirLink Support: The AirLink Support offerings are tailored to give your organization the right level of coverage, and deliver the peace of mind that an investment in Sierra Wireless products is supported by the team that knows them best. If AirLink support isn’t right for you, your authorized Sierra Wireless Reseller will continue to support your organization as they always have.


  • Two levels of service – Preferred and Classic – to meet your support needs
  • Full access to dedicated Sierra Wireless technical support professionals
  • Cloud-based Network Management tools included in every support offering
  • Online ticket submission and tracking Network engineering support to optimize your fleet of AirLink routers and gateways
  • Access to extended warranty and accelerated replacement


  • Cost-effective way to ensure your mission critical infrastructure operates at peak efficiency
  • Rapid response to service requests, managed through an online ticketing system
  • Predictable cost of maintenance of your fleet of routers and gateways
  • Simplify the process of upgrading and managing configurations Select the plan that fits the needs of your business

PREFERRED: Our highest-value offering, Preferred AirLink Support, is developed for customers with large mission-critical applications that need the highest level of support available. Combining responsive customer support with cloud-based network management tools, extended hardware support and on-going enterprise network support, Preferred AirLink Support is a comprehensive offering delivered by Sierra Wireless experts.

CLASSIC: Classic AirLink Support delivers the same high-level of customer support and access to the same network management tools as Preferred AirLink Support, but is designed for organizations that have smaller, less complex environments, or don’t require 24/7 access or extended hardware support. Delivered by the same team of Sierra Wireless experts, AirLink Support Classic delivers exceptional value.