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SimplyFailover Terms & Conditions

By ordering SimplyFailover from 3Gstore, you agree to the below terms and conditions:

  • The $49.99 monthly fee is billed by the subscription company and your payment agreement is with them. After placing your order on, the subscription company will contact you to finalize your agreement and provide their terms and conditions, contract, payment dates and terms, etc.
  • The subscription is not cancellable and will last for 36 months, after which you can terminate the subscription or upgrade to the newest hardware (at no additional cost to you) and renew your subscription.
  • You will be required to provide a credit card at checkout to be used by 3Gstore to bill any usage incurred each month:
    • Usage is only billed when your primary connection fails and more than 5mb of data is used on the SimplyFailover connection.
    • All usage after the first 5mb is billed at $15/GB (rounded up to the nearest GB).
    • Usage charges are tracked monthly and are billed on the first of the following month (e.g. usage in October will be billed November 1).
    • You may log into your account anytime to view your usage, update notification preferences, and update your credit card used for billing.
  • The router provided for SimplyFailover includes a 3 year warranty. The warranty coverage matches the standard manufacturer warranty and does NOT cover loss or damage caused by neglect, accidents, modifications, etc.