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Finding RSSI on Cell Phones/PDAs

Finding your RSSI on a phone or PDA can be a little tricky, since different manufacturers display it differently than others - or it may not be available at all on some models! This chart explains how to find RSSI on a number of past and current cell phones, but it does not cover every phone. If your phone is not listed here, we recommend calling your cell phone provider for more information or do a search in our EVDO Forums (someone else may have already had the same issue as you!).

(Not sure why you'd even want to know your RSSI? Read this page for more information on RSSI)

Apple iPhone: Dial *3001#12345#* then press CALL. Field Test Mode will be enabled.

Samsung Galaxy S: From the main menu, choose "settings," then "about phone," then "status". RSSI will be listed here next to"signal strength"

Blackberry: While holding the ALT button down, type “NMLL” - the signal bars will change to display RSSI. ALTERNATE METHOD: Press TOOLS, SETTINGS, STATUS or OPTIONS, STATUS. The top line is the signal strength in –dBm.

Nokia Lumia: Dial ##3282# in your phone and hit “Accept”. Scroll down and select which cellular type (most likely 4G or the 3G DCH). If neither work, go through each selection until information appears for your device. The number you are looking for is next to the “RSRP”.

Samsung (multiple models): Dial ##33284# or ##33284 and press call/OK. Enter Field Service Code 040793 or 000000. Choose DEBUG SCREEN or FIELD TEST and then SCREEN.