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Pepwave Surf Mini - DISCONTINUED

No Longer Available

Item Number: 1813



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The Surf Mini has reached "end of life" and is no longer available. See the Device Connector or the Surf On-The-Go instead.

The Pepwave Surf Mini is a versatile piece of equipment that allows users to connect to a WiFi source and repeat/extend that signal and/or convert from wireless to wired access via the Surf's ethernet port. The Surf Mini's WiFi range is approximately 200-300' in a home/office environment (actual real-world WiFi range varies based on construction, interference, etc). For more range, a high-gain WiFi antenna can be added.

3Gstore is a Peplink Certified PartnerPopular uses for the Pepwave Surf Mini:

  • Extend the WiFi range from your router
  • Pick up external WiFi sources (e.g. campground WiFi, citywide WiFi, etc - virtually any network that is either open or for which you have the password*!) and create a secure private network from it
  • Extend WiFi to a second building up to 300' away (for example, a garage, out-building, next-door neighbor's house, etc)
  • Use nearby WiFi as a backup/failover solution for home/office
  • Give ethernet-only equipment a way to get online
  • Extend the wireless range of hotspots like the MiFi and add ethernet capability (and get around the 5-user limit!)
  • Read more about the many uses for the Pepwave Surf Mini here!
  • NOTE: The Pepwave Surf Mini is intended to connect to external WiFi sources to be used for Internet access ONLY - it is not a full-fledged router. Due to NAT constraints, it does not support Windows or Mac File sharing protocols. If you need a product that supports the wireless bridge functionality of the Pepwave Surf but also provides full routing capabilities, please consider one of the routers with WiFi as WAN capabilities.

*while the Surf Mini works with MOST WiFi sources, we cannot guarantee compatibility with every WiFi source - compatibility can be affected by the type of hardware or security setup used by the administrator of the WiFi source

Tech Support and 24/7 Support Portal Access Included: Our expert tech support is included for free with your purchase. You'll also have 24/7 access to our online Support Portal (which includes step-by-step guides, tip sheets, documentation, manuals, and more)! You can view all the support items you'll have access to by clicking on the "Support" tab above.


  • Model
    • SPW-212
  • Functionality
    • Wi-Fi Reciever
    • Wi-Fi Access Point
    • NAT Mode
  • Wi-Fi Specification
    • WAN: 802.11 b/g
    • LAN: 802.11 b/g, 1 Fast Ethernet Port
    • Operating Frequency: 2412-2462Mhz
    • Security: 802.1x, 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.11i
  • Hardware
    • Antenna: 5dBi Omni Antenna (7 inches)
    • Antenna Connector: RP-SMA/Female
    • Dimensions: 3.5W x 3.5D x 1.0H in.
    • Weight: 4.5 oz.
  • Operational Specifications
    • Power Consumption (Max.): 5W
    • Power Input: AC Adapter: AC Input 100 to 240V, DC Output 12V
    • Operating Temperature: -20~65°C, -4~149°F
    • Humidity: 15 to 95%
  • Misc.
    • FCC, RoHS
    • Manufacturer's Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty
  • Package Contents
    • 100to 240v AC to 12V Power Supply
    • 5dBi Omni-directional Antenna
    • Windows Mount - Suction Cup x 2
    • Setup Guide
    • Ethernet Cable

Versatile WiFi Bridge

The Surf Mini is a versatile WiFi Bridge that allows users to connect to a WiFi source and either repeat/relay/extend that connectivity wirelessly, or convert from wireless to wired access via ethernet port on the bridge. The versatility of this product enables it as a solution to a myriad of challenges...

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Date Added: 11/23/2013 by Robert E. (MARYSVILLE, PA)
I'm not a techie by any means, and with following the included instruction sheet I was up and running in a short period of time. The Pepwave was picking up all sorts of WiFi sources in the campground. Once I found out the campground signal I needed to use, it was a breeze. Also allowed me to connect additional devices through the single connection. Am anxious to try on a weaker signal like we normally find in campgrounds. Picked up the one we used so far as 4 bars, and we have had issues with connectivity in this campground in the past. Love it!! And so easy to use.

Date Added: 11/01/2013 by Whit L. (Elizabeth City, NC)
Great device. I plugged it in and it worked. It really was that simple.

Date Added: 09/04/2013 by Salvatore S. (New York, NY)
The Pepwave Surf Mini did the trick for my unusual communications problem. I have incredibly bad wiring in my building and my DSL service cuts out about once a week. My problem: I use a VoIP phone service that goes down every time the DSL service drops. I have a MiFi device to provide Internet connectivity when the service is out. But the VoIP phone needed an Ethernet jack, which was not available on the MiFi device. The Pepwave has an Ethernet jack and can use the MiFi unit's service. So....I retain my home phone service even when the DSL goes down. (Also want to say the setup guide provided by 3Gstore is much better than the one that came with the product, so thank you for that!!!)

Date Added: 08/21/2013 by dave w. (monument, CO)
This product worked as advertised, however it fails to mention that it will throttle your up and download speeds. My internet connection is 30mps up, before the Surf, its 5mps after going through it. That's my only complaint.

Date Added: 08/03/2013 by AARON E. (Coolidge, AZ)
This works, it should come with a 12 volt adapter plug
The 3gstore sells such a plug for a cost.
It was also very hard to get my laptop to recognize the unit.
However my desk top did

Date Added: 07/07/2013 by Miles H. (Fulshear, TX)
Pepwave Surf Mini works as advertised. Instructions were clear and got up and running on first try. Now using cell phone as internet access for whole house. Good bye satellite dish.

Date Added: 06/26/2013 by Pat Y. (Pagosa Springs, CO)
First off, not a techie so it took a little while to get the pepwave to work. Thanks to the diligence of your tech dept we were able to get it up and running. We are at a campground and our site is the farthest from the wifi signal. We had a minimal 2 bars of signal some time and then sometimes not at all. Once we got the pepwave up and running we have full signal strength. This product is everything we hoped it would be. Now we feel that we will be able to draw the signal in from wherever we are. Thanks 3G store and kudos to your technical staff.

Date Added: 05/02/2013 by Thomas M. (Cumming, GA)
The Pepwave Suirf Mini does exactly what I want it to do allowing me to use my cell phone hot spot capability on my wireless router rather than DLS modem. Works great and easy to set up, thanks Pepwave.

Date Added: 03/06/2013 by Robert V. (Edisto Island, SC)
We bought the Pepwave to help boost RV park wifi reception, and to boost the coverage of our home wireless network when we are not traveling. We have not used it yet with our RV but are very pleased with its performance at home. If it works as well while traveling we will be very happy with the product. We anticipate that we might have to invest in an external antenna and cable to use with RV park systems, but we're going to try it first with just the included antenna and selective placement when we are traveling. Overall the Pepwave mini appears to be an great performer and an excellent value. Setup was very easy.

Date Added: 03/06/2013 by Donald L. (Decatur, GA)
The unit itself works great. I have no qualms about it. Just be sure that the WiFi signal that you are trying to boost is steady, strong and consistent or this unit will not be able to function up to it's capabilities. Be sure to have the ethernet hardwired at first during installation. It took me a little while to figure that out during initial setup.

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