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Wilson 75ohm Lightning Surge Protector - 859992

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Helps protect an amplifier from power surges such as those caused by a lightning strike to an outside antenna. The protector is inserted inline between the outside antenna and the amplifier, and it must be adequately grounded by running a ground wire into the ground or concrete.

The protector does not connect directly to the amplifier or antenna. It can be installed at the "top" of the setup (outside, between the antenna and the coax cable) or at the "bottom" (between the coax cable and the amplifier). Either way, you will need a 2' "jumper" cable to connect the surge protector.

Option A (surge protector installed outside near the antenna):

antenna -> 2' cable -> surge protector -> cable -> amplifier

Option B (surge protector installed inside near the amplifier):

antenna -> cable -> surge protector -> 2' cable -> amplifier

This lightning protector is specifically for 75ohm systems. If you are using a standard 50ohm antenna or amplifier, you need the 859902 50ohm Lightning Protector instead.

This is the new 75ohm surge protector from Wilson - the old model, part #859988, is no longer available.

  • F-Female Connectors
  • Weather-proof
  • Attenuation <0.2 dB
  • Frequency range up to 3 GHz
  • Replaceable gas discharge element (manufacturer will replace as needed)
  • Impedance: 75ohm

The lighting protector must be grounded - to do this, you'll loosen the small screw on the suppressor and insert a grounding wire and run it into the ground (instructions are included).

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Date Added: 11/12/2011 by Ronald B. (English, IN)
Very well built.

Date Added: 11/07/2011 by Charles T. (Vicksburg, MS)
Simple to install. Hardest part was driving the ground rod into the ground at my house. Do wish that 3GSTORE carried the replacement gas cartridge.

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