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Pepwave Mesh Connector 235-DX (5.0GHz)

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This unit REQUIRES a 802.3af/at PoE Injector but does NOT include one. You can add one below if you don't already have one.
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This Mesh Connector operates on the 5180-5825MHz band.

The enterprise‐grade Pepwave Mesh Connector Series of Wi‐Fi repeaters seamlessly extend Mesh Wi‐Fi to large‐scale indoor areas. Enclosed in a rugged metallic case, Mesh Connector is capable of operating in a wide range of locations. With industry leading transmit power and outstanding reception capability, Mesh Connector guarantees the best service for enterprise customers and WISPs.

3Gstore is a Peplink Certified PartnerApplications:

  • Connect IP Video Cameras for Wireless Surveillance: IP video surveillance is one of the most critical applications in wireless networking today. Mesh Connector gives you a way to deliver the fast performance and reliable connections security networks require. Other low cost devices just can't be trusted when dealing with your customers’ security.
  • Connect Industrial and Municipal Service Devices: AMR, Traffic Control, SCADA, and more. So many devices today are leveraging IP technology to create efficiency never before possible. Take advantage of these technologies by plugging these sensors into Mesh Connector. You can easily deploy thousands of units to enable these smart municipal services.
  • Extend Coverage of an Existing Wi-Fi Network: Mesh Connector is uniquely designed to operate as a vendor neutral repeater. Since it has been tested to work with most major vendors Wi-Fi APs, you are no longer pay for expensive APs to boost new areas coverage. You can configure Mesh Connector and boost coverage within minutes!
  • Rapid Deployment Network for Disaster Recovery and Jobsite Networks: Emergency personnel rely on technology just as much as most companies do. When an Emergency arises, quick action must be taken to support advanced communications, allowing Emergency workers to be at their best. Mesh Connector makes rapid deployment and reliable performance a reality, without breaking your technology budget.
  • Connect Business Customers to WiFi Internet Service: Mesh Connector is also an ideal long range client bridge; it allows you to quickly connect your top tier customers and deliver the reliability they expect. Since Mesh Connector is designed to work with the top vendors’ equipment, you can expect trouble free integration into your network.
  • Bridge Remote Buildings to an Existing Network: Need to connect a remote building to your central network? Combine our Office Point and Mesh Connector to create an instant bridge between your central building and nearby locations. Our extensive RF engineering ensures you can get reliable speed and connectivity even in challenging environments.

Vendor Neutral Repeater, Interoperability Certified. The Pepwave Mesh Connector allows you to seamlessly extend the coverage of an existing Wi-Fi network, without messy configurations or having to run cables! Simply place Mesh Connector in a location where coverage is poor, and configure it with your existing network settings. The Mesh Connector has been tested to work on Tropos, Cisco, and many other vendors mesh networks and APs.

Long Range Client Bridge. Mesh Connector can also be used to connect buildings and devices to far away Wi-Fi networks. You can expand Wi-Fi coverage and provide a fast Ethernet connection simultaneously with one centrally manageable device. Mesh Connector utilize our TruePower RF Engineering technology, giving you maximum power across all channels even the highest data rates. Consistent power translates into reliable links at distances where other radios fail.

Reliability in Extreme Environments. Both our indoor and outdoor models are designed and manufactured with the strictest standards. Mesh Connector is rated to operate in almost any environment imaginable. Whether you need service in an office, manufacturing facility, or outside in harsh desert, marine, or arctic climates; there is a Mesh Connector model for the job.

Fully Customizable Repeater. Mesh Connector allows you to repeat up to 3 different SSIDs, each with unique encryption settings. You can also independently control the amount of power used to connect to a Wi-Fi network, as well as the amount of power broadcast from the repeater. Mesh Connector has the intelligence and flexibility to meet almost any applications requirements.

Centralized Management and Monitoring. With InControl, Pepwave’s hosted management suite, you can easily control large deployments of Mesh Connectors. Even when you have units in several different geographic areas, InControl will keep you aware of their status and allow you to change settings on the fly. InControl is the ultimate system to help you centrally Setup, Manage, and Report.


Product Code MPW-419
Mode Bridge Mode
WAN 802.11a
LAN 802.11a
1 Fast Ethernet Port
Operating Frequency 5180-5825MHz
Output Power 200mW
Transmit Power 802.11a 200mW
(+/‐ 1.0dB)
Receive Sensitivity 802.11a ‐92dBm @ 6Mbps
‐91dBm @ 9Mbps
‐90dBm @ 12Mbps
‐89dBm @ 18Mbps
‐87dBm @ 24Mbps
‐84dBm @ 36Mbps
‐79dBm @ 48Mbps
‐74dBm @ 54Mbps
(+/‐ 1.0dB)
Security 802.1x, 64/128‐bit WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.11i
Antenna Built-in 15dBi Long Range Directional Antenna
Enclosure Waterproof (IP67) Outdoor Plastic Enclosure
Dimensions 295 x 205 x 68 mm / 11.7 x 8.1 x 2.7 inches
Weight 875g / 1.93lb
Power Consumption (Max.) 7W
Power Input Power over Ethernet 802.3af (injector NOT included, sold separately)
Operating Temp. ‐40 ‐ 65°C / ‐40 ‐ 149°F
Humidity 15 to 95%
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS
Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty
Package Contents Mounting kit
Installation guide


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