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Trakdot Luggage Tracker (Includes 1 Year of Service - $24.99 Value) - DISCONTINUED

No Longer Available

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The Trakdot is no longer available. If you are an existing customer looking for support, please contact us.

Trakdot Luggage™ is designed to provide airport-specific location information for your checked luggage. Trakdot™ Luggage is constantly monitoring the cellular network to determine its city location. When you fly, Trakdot™ Luggage knows and goes to sleep. Upon arriving at your destination, Trakdot™ Luggage wakes up and reports its new location. Depending on your preferences, a text-message or email is sent to you confirming that your luggage has arrived with you.

When you fly, Trakdot’s artificial intelligence shuts off its transmit-and-receive capability and enters “airplane mode” by employing solid-state accelerometer technologies that sense the sustained acceleration of an airplane during taxi and/or the approximate first third of takeoff roll. Trakdot™ is in airplane mode or “sleep mode” well before the aircraft is airborne. The same accelerometer technologies used to put Trakdot™ in sleep mode before aircraft flight also sense the sustained deceleration of the aircraft as the pilot uses brakes and thrust reversers on the ground to rapidly slow the aircraft after it touches-down. When Trakdot™ is “re-awakened” on the ground, it finds and employs the local cellular network to contact the Trakdot™ owner and report its position.


  • Tracks your luggage anywhere in the world
  • Notifications to your phone or track online
  • Works anywhere your mobile phone does and can be linked to multiple cell phones
  • Completely international, and works wherever a cellular network exists
  • Small and ultra lightweight - travel essential
  • Runs on AA batteries

IMPORTANT RETURN INFORMATION: once the Trakdot has been activated with the manufacturer, it is NON-RETURNABLE (except in the case of defects which are covered by the manufacturer's 2-year warranty)


  • Dimensions: 3" x 2 1/4" x 3/4"
  • Power: 2 x AA batteries (2 included)
  • Battery level indicator
  • On/Off button
  • 1 year warranty
  • FCC certified, FAA compliant (complies with FAA Advisory Circular 91-21.1B), and approved by Conformité Européenne (CE)


  • 2 AA batteries (Duracell Alkaline Batteries recommended. CAUTION: DO NOT USE LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES)
  • Activation with Trakdot (1 years of service is INCLUDED in the purchase price - thereafter, service is $24.99/year)
  • GSM service (the device will not operate in countries where GSM does not function. At this time there are two countries where GSM does not function: Japan and South Korea)


  • Does this device work on GPS?       
    • No.  GPS generally does not operate within airport terminals and baggage loading areas.  The Trakdot™ Luggage device emits a signal that is used to determine its location, but does not use GPS.
  • Does the device use rechargeable batteries?  
    • No, two alkaline AA batteries, we recommend Duracell. CAUTION: DO NOT USE LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES
  • Will it work if I use only a basic cell phone and not a smart phone?  
    • Not a problem, device will work on all cellular phones.
  • What additional ongoing costs are there in addition to the activation and annual service fee?
    • There are no other costs from Trakdot™ Luggage
  • Does it make a difference which cell phone carrier I use?  
    • No, it makes no difference
  • Is there anything special I have to do to the device when traveling international?
    • You should contact the carrier that provides serves for your personal cell phone to confirm the type of coverage associated with your cell phone as well as the program you are on, in order to insure that the Trakdot™ Luggage device can get messages to your phone.
  • Will I have any problem with airline security when I check in my bag with the device in it?
    • You should not have any issue with security relative to the device.
  • How will I know if or when the batteries need replaced?    
    • Although there is a battery level indicator visible on your login screen for each device, it is recommended that a fresh set of batteries be used at the beginning of each trip. CAUTION: DO NOT USE LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES
  • Is there a repair service available if my device gets damaged or do I have to purchase a new one? 
    • There is no repair service available.  A new device would need to be purchased.
  • If I lose my device and have to purchase a new one, can my existing annual service fee be applied to the new device I had to purchase?    
    • If this happened, please contact Globatrac, LLC using the contact information in our website and you will be instructed on what to do.
  • Are there any countries in which the device will not operate? 
    • The device will not operate in countries where GSM does not function. At this time there are two (2) countries where GSM does not function: Japan, South Korea.
  • Can I assign cell phone numbers other than mine to the device?  
    • Yes
  • When I use this device, will there be any type of costs that will show up on my telephone bill?
    • This will be pursuant to your agreement with your current cellular carrier and therefore certain SMS or Data charges may apply.  Please confirm with your carrier.  However, there are no additional charges from Trakdot™ Luggage.
  • Is there a specific brand of battery recommended for the device? 
    • Duracell Alkaline Batteries. CAUTION:  DO NOT USE LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES
  • Are there any types of luggage in which the device will not function? 
    • Depending on the thickness and quality of “all metal” luggage, the device may not be able to effectively communicate.  Any other luggage is not an issue.
  • Does the device need to be specifically positioned inside the luggage or can I simply just toss it in?
    • There is no specific positioning inside the luggage required.
  • When I am not using the device, should the batteries be removed? 
    • Yes.  It is recommended that you place a fresh set of batteries in the device each time you are going to use it.
  • Is there an “on” and “off” button? 
    • Yes, on the front of the device is a button that you press to turn it on and off.
  • I am travelling with two or more suitcases, do I need to buy more than one unit?
    • Each checked in luggage must have a Trakdot™ Luggage device so you can track each of your checked in suitcases.

Peace of mind for travelers

The Trakdot is a palm-sized device (3” W x 2 ¼” H x ¾” D) that offers the peace of mind that frequent air travelers are looking for. Simply place the Trakdot into whatever luggage you want to track, and upon landing you’ll receive a text message stating the location of your checked bag.

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Date Added: 04/19/2016 by Jeffrey I. (Temecula, CA)
Tested the Trakdot at home before our trip later this month. Worked after quite a bit of fiddling around. I was able to track the unit at another location, so the unit worked as advertised. The instructions are not clear. You actually need to UNPAIR your phone rather than PAIR the phone to make bluetooth work - not very intuitive.

Date Added: 01/26/2016 by Larry E. (Sidney, NE)
Looking forward to first use on international trip coming up in May. Great product.

Date Added: 07/15/2015 by Robin G. (Westlake Village, CA)
It is a great deal. It really works. The customer service was terrific

Date Added: 06/21/2015 by Ed V. (Carbondale, CO)
Performed as promised, I was a little skeptical at first and I was pleasantly surprised. I would suggest this device to anyone who travels and checks in luggage. Also the 3G staff were excellent folks with whom to work. Thank you.

Date Added: 05/26/2015 by Mark L. (Cupertino, CA)
Trakdot works as advertised. I've used it for domestic US and international in Europe with good results. Battery life is good.

Date Added: 04/21/2015 by Denise F. (Fox point, WI)
Greatest travel item

Date Added: 03/25/2015 by Alison W. (Aptos, CA)
I bought my first Trakdot last year for an international trip, and I was so impressed with its accuracy and consistency, I bought a 2nd one for my recent international trip, with the same perfect results. Now, I don't worry at all when my luggage is the last to arrive on the conveyor belt (which it usually is), because I already know it's in that airport. And, if my luggage is ever lost, I can now tell the airline which airport it's in (surprisingly I know of several lost luggage situations where the airline did not know where the passenger's luggage was for days!). I've been recommending Trakdot to all my fellow travelers!

Date Added: 03/03/2015 by Debz. (Redmond, OR)
Great product but batteries could do with lasting longer - one long haul trip and they were running out, but love the fact i can trace my case!

Date Added: 02/25/2015 by Michael G. (Cary, IL)
Bought these last year. I don't use them for quick trips where I don't check luggage. On the 3 trips I had where I did check luggage, these things work perfectly. Airlines haven't lost my luggage yet - but when they do, I will know where my luggage is. I also like the bluetooth feature when I am waiting for the luggage, I know the luggage is near before the belt starts spinning.

Date Added: 02/25/2015 by Chris M. (Silsbee, TX)
During all the snow in NYC my luggage wound up on a different plane than me to Houston. I landed in Houston knowing my luggage had gone to Charlotte, NC. I live 2 hours from the airport. I filed a baggage claim and was about to walk away from them, knowing it would be at least the next day before I saw my luggage. As I was walking out my Trakdots (Scout 1 and 2) reported in to me via text and email that they had just arrived at the same airport. I went back to baggage claim and we found out my luggage was at another terminal, so I went there and collected it at baggage claim. If I hadn't had my Trakdot scouts working for me I wouldn't have gotten my suitcases until maybe the next day, and I do shows with props I keep in my cases and needed those desperately! Trakdot gave me not only peace of mind knowing where my luggage was, but saved me and baggage claim a rather long and drawn out delivery process! Thanks Trakdot! I talk about you on facebook all the time and I believe some of my friends have bought Trakdots for themselves due to my posts!

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