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Wilson SignalBoost DT Repeater Kit - 801247 [800/1900mhz] - DISCONTINUED

No Longer Available

Item Number: 645



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$0.00 tax collected outside of Illinois


This amplifier has been discontinued. See our other building amplifiers.

Fast Facts about this Product:

  • This repeater kit is best for: Home/office users who want an affordable all-in-one kit that offers 1 to 1.5 rooms of boosted signal and are comfortable with the installation of the directional receiving antenna (as an alternative, the 301201 omni antenna is also available - sold separately - if you prefer an omni antenna). Ideal for users who want to use standard RG6 cabling (most amplifiers cannot use RG6 cable).
  • Coverage area*: 1-2 rooms in an average home/office
  • All-in-One Kit? YES
  • Compatibility: 800mhz/1900mhz networks, which are used by most 2G (voice) and 3G networks in the USA, including:
    • Verizon 2G/3G
    • Sprint 2G/3G
    • AT&T 2G/3G and HSPA+ (which shows up on your device as "4G" - NOT LTE)
    • T-Mobile and Cricket voice only
    • Does NOT work with LTE for any carrier or AWS (T-Mobile 3G/4G)

IMPORTANT SIGNAL INFORMATION: If you're purchasing an amplifier for use at one specific location, we strongly recommend doing a site survey first to determine whether the amplifier will help you and to give you an idea of what kind of results you can expect from it.

If your signal is extremely poor (-108db or worse), an amplifier may not be effective - there must be some usable signal available for the amplifier to boost. Conversely, if the signal is too STRONG at your location (-50db or better), the amplifier may shut down to avoid interference with the tower.

Designed to give the best results when used in a small area, such as desk and workspace, the Wilson Electronics Desktop (DT) Cell Phone Signal Booster significantly improves your phones' and 3G modems' overall performance by minimizing dropped calls, increasing signal strength and data rates, and letting you enjoy clearer reception. The DT supports multiple cell phones and data cards simultaneously. You'll experience fewer dropped calls, faster data rates, and clearer reception.

How it works: The outside antenna picks up the cellular signal and sends it through the first cable to the amplifier. The signal is then boosted and sent through the second cable to the inside antenna, which rebroadcasts the boosted signal. All of your modems/phones within range of the inside antenna can benefit from the boosted signal wirelessly.

*Many factors will influence the actual coverage area you will see from a repeater, including layout/floorplan, construction, and original un-amplified signal strength. Depending on your situation, you may see more or less coverage than the estimates listed here. It is not possible to guarantee coverage area.

Installation diagram:

not to scale. representative graphic only (appearance of actual components may vary)

Installation notes:

  • In order for your system to function properly, you must maintain adequate separation between the outside and inside antennas (if the antennas are too close together, there will be oscillation/feedback between the antennas and the amplifier will shut down). This amplifier requires approximately 20' of separation between the outside and inside antennas. Separation can be horizontal or vertical.
  • If you cannot achieve adequate separation to eliminate oscillation, you can turn down the gain on the amplifier, but that will result in a smaller coverage area from the amplifier.
  • The outdoor/window antenna must be aimed at the cell tower - if it is not aimed properly, it will not be effective. Line of sight is not required, but it does need to be aimed towards the tower.
  • Make sure the interior desktop antenna is aimed AWAY from the outside antenna.
  • For more details, you can download the installation manual (PDF)


  • Features adjustable gain to simplify installation
  • Do it yourself kit – package includes everything needed
  • No physical connection to your cell phone or cellular data card
  • Allows multiple phones and cellular data cards to be used simultaneously
  • Amplifies signals to and from cell tower
  • Maximum 2500 milliwatts output power - As much as 20 times more powerful than a typical cell phone
  • Automatic oscillation/overload protection
  • RG6 cables included
  • FCC and IC type accepted

Package Includes:

  • Outdoor / window directional 5 dB cradle antenna
  • Dual-band desktop antenna (5' cable attached)
  • 20’ RG6 cable
  • 30’ RG6 cable
  • F/Female barrel connector (allows you to screw the two RG6 cables together to make one 50' length if necessary)
  • Mounting hardware
  • AC power supply
  • Installation guide


Part Number 801247
Frequency Range 824-894 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz
Gain 55 dB / 55 dB
Linear Output Power +30 dBm
Max Output Power +33 dBm
Typical Output +30 dBm / +10 dBm
Noise Figure 3.5 dB nominal
Isolation > 90 dB
Power Requirements 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 0.6 A max
Connectors SMA/Female (inside antenna connector) and F/Female (outside antenna connector)
Dimensions 6.2 x 4.2 x 1.5 (inch) / 15.7 x 10.7 x 3.8 (cm)
Weight 0.64 lbs / 0.29 kg

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Date Added: 12/21/2012 by Darreld D. (PALMDALE, CA)
Great Product. I live in a very weak signal area. My Verizon phone would only work while next to a window. The best signal I could get was -93dbm but with this product installed I'm getting -75dbm give or take with my phone on my desk. Highly recommended.

Date Added: 09/13/2012 by ken d. (harrow, ON)
this product was very easy to install and increased my reception form 1 bar to 4 bars. great product.

Date Added: 06/18/2012 by John H. (Houston, TX)
The product was not at all hard to install, and I did get some improvement in the signal - a Blackberry (using Sprint) improved the most, the AT&T iPhone almost as good, and the Verizon Android had the least improvement. But you need to stay pretty close to the indoor antennae so your cell essentially becomes a corded landline phone. But since I used to have to walk a 1/4 mile up the road to use my phone, it is a reasonable compromise.

Date Added: 03/17/2012 by Charles D. (Coleman Falls, VA)
Awesome Product! I live in a rural area and had to go outside in order to make calls and would need to place my phone in a window to send or receive texts. I can now sit in my living room and do either, I can also use my High Speed internet indoors now! It has allowed me to cancel my home phone service so the SignalBoost will pay for itself in just a few months! Just follow the included directions and I feel certain you will be happy with the Wilson SignalBoost. I would encourage the signal site check. By doing this I was able to find the perfect spot to mount the external antenna.

Date Added: 12/14/2011 by Raymond M. (Clermont, FL)
A little to instal but it does work

Date Added: 11/30/2011 by Ronald S. (Mansfield, OH)
I purchased this kit to get better reception with my Sprint wireless internet card. My previous signal strength was -95db to -105db. I would occasionally get knocked off of the internet and have to reconnect. When I first connected the repeater, I was getting -65db to -75db. Now after about two weeks my signal strength has dropped to -75db t0 -85db which is still an improvement, but not the 55db improvement that is claimed. I have not been knocked off of the internet with the repeater and I also can now use my cell phone in the house instead of going outside. This kit is definitely an improvement. I used a twenty foot length of 3/4" pipe to mount the outside antennae which is the suggested best way to mount the outside antennae. The alternate outside mounting methods may not get the same results.

3Gstore Comments:
We're glad it's working out for you! Just to clarify, the 55db you are referring to is the "gain" of the amplifier - it refers to how powerful the amplifier is with regards to how large of an area it can rebroadcast signal to, NOT the amount of improvement you're going to see on your devices. The signal improvement users will see depends on the signal situation at the location (how weak the signal is to begin with, where the tower is, what's in between you and the tower, etc).

Date Added: 11/09/2011 by Ronald B. (English, IN)
I went from very unreliable 3G service to steady 3G service. I would recommend it for anyone in the fringe areas. Ron

Date Added: 09/15/2011 by Stephen B. (Groveland, FL)
Graet item. I am in a strickly 1X area 19 miles on the back of the nearest tower. I was getting 1 bar some of the time. When I hooked up the SignalBoost DT I went up to 4 full bars. Now that all of the leaves are out I am getting 3 bars and sometimes 4 bars. No more dropped calls. Thank You.

Date Added: 07/17/2011 by Christopher S. (Sebring, FL)
I live way out in the country in rural Arkansas. I went from no bars to 4 bars of service in my whole house. I am now even able to game using my Mi-Fi.
Great product fast delivery!

Date Added: 06/24/2011 by Scott C. (Whitefish, MT)
Worked very, very well in my parents home. Prior to installing, they would have to go outside their home to make cell phone calls. Used to find the nearest VZW cell tower. Now they can make clear calls from their couch. Only downside is the broadcast area doesn't cover more than a couple of rooms in the house.

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We recommend downloading the installation manual (pdf) before ordering.


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