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Pepwave MAX BR1 Classic LTE Router

The Pepwave MAX BR1 LTE Router is designed as both a primary or emergency backup solution for M2M, office, or home networks that need secure, reliable LTE connectivity. In addition to wired WAN and WiFi as WAN, each router has an integrated modem that can be used with an active SIM card from a supported carrier. SpeedFusion automatic failover from the primary to the secondary connection means you will have more uptime. The MAX BR1 Classic Router can also broadcast a WiFi network for nearby devices that need a connection. Multiple hardware LAN connections are available as well.

This router is also ideal for a variety of remote applications that require reliable networking, including healthcare, ATMs, first responder vehicles, kiosks and surveillance cameras. Built-in GPS tracking and InControl 2 cloud management are useful for fleet management as well. The router itself has a touch metal enclosure that is certified for shock and vibration resistance. 3GStore offers the Pepwave Max BR1 mobile router in several modem configurations for North American, European and Global GSM users. Each option includes a year of free technical support from our enterprise networking experts.

North America 3G/4G/LTE Modem

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Euro 3G/4G/LTE Modem

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Global 3G-Only GSM Modem

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