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3Gstore SMS Power Switch (1 Year Service Included)

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1 year of service is included*. Service can be renewed for $25/year in the future.

The SMS Power Switch is a simple remote power control switch that is fully operated and controlled by text message commands (SMS). The SMS Switch allows users to effortlessly control power remotely and reboot any equipment in seconds. The SMS Switch is 100% cellular and has no Data/IP/WiFi capabilities, making it the perfect secure solution for rebooting and remote power control without having to add it to the local network.

Simply plug the switch into the wall, plug your equipment into the switch, and you can power cycle or reboot your business-critical hardware simply and quickly from anywhere 24/7/365!The SMS Switch also sends real-time power loss text message alerts and real time temperature alerts (if the temp sensor is used).

Every function is controlled by text message, so you just send a text message from your phone to the switch … it’s as easy as that! You can also choose to control power automatically by time & date (e.g. Power auto on at 7am and off at 6pm every weekday) or temperature (e.g. control a heater, Power auto on when the temp drops to 60 degrees and off when it rises to 65 degrees).

The 3Gstore SMS Power Switch is available for US customers only.

*12 months of service is included, with an allowance of 20 text messages sent or received per month. Excessive text messages may be billed at $0.10 each.

Key Features:

  • SIM with 1 year of service included (20 texts per month*)
  • Reboot your equipment in seconds
  • Saves time & money by reducing unnecessary site visits
  • 100% Cellular (SMS/text message only)
  • Secure remote power control (no network/wifi/data access)
  • Real-time power loss text message alert (ex: "Alert! Mains Power Lost!") and power restored
  • Real-time temperature text message alert (ex: "Temperature Alert! Current Temp Reading: 2")
  • Turn mains power on / off whenever required
  • Fast ROI and quick deployment (usually after the first saved service visit)
  • No installation and simple set up (>5 mins)
  • Signal strength checker command
  • External temperature sensor included as standard
  • Control power automatically (by time/date or by temperature)
  • Temperatures are user programmable (choose the temperature you want to be alerted at)
  • No smart phone required (control with any phone you can send a text message from)
  • Password protected
  • Up to 5 users can receive alerts
  • User friendly simple numerical commands
  • Control power remotely from anywhere in the world 24/7/365
  • No lithium battery (SMS Switch uses capacitance to store energy for alerts)
  • Small & neat (approx. 12.5cm/0.4ft tall)
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty


  • Input: US 110v-125v AC, 60Hz 
  • Output: US 15A
  • Automatic time & date synchronisation
  • Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
  • Relative humidity 10-90% without condensation
  • Temperature accuracy +/- 2°C
  • FCC, CE, RoHS compliant
  • Plug Type: US - NEMA 5-15 Plug/Socket (grounded)

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SMS Power Switch Manual Download installation guide/manual