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As mobile broadband continues to get faster, it has become an increasingly vital part of both consumer and enterprise wireless networking. Anyone who needs fast and reliable web downloads, video streaming, or computer-based audio/video conferencing while on the go or where traditional broadband isn’t available knows the value of a good mobile broadband connection. At 3Gstore we carry a number of 3G/4G routers from top brands to maximize your mobile networking abilities and stay ahead of the broadband curve.

We have 3G/4G routers designed for both home and business use depending on your needs. Small network users can choose basic routers such as the adaptable Pepwave Surf On-The-Go that doubles as a wireless bridge, while the CradlePoint MBR 1200B offers load balancing, site-to-site VPN and other enterprise features at an inexpensive price. Routers with embedded modems are also available, and you can either get a general modem that works with all mobile broadband carriers, or have us pre-set your modem to the national provider of your choice. You can even get integrated modems for use in South America and Europe. Shop 3Gstore and let us put nearly 20 years of mobile broadband experience to work for you, as our experts will help you find a 3G/4G networking router with the features you need at a price you can afford.

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