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Peplink Balance 30 Load Balancing 3G/4G Router

Bought the Balance 30 for my small office after some thorough technical research and with high expectations. Unfortunately, after extensive configuring and testing including with PepLink tech support, it was impossible to configure to meet my needs.

I faced several performance issues with the router but the "show stopper" was that it could not be configured to successfully implement PPTP pass-through to support my VPN needs. That capability is clearly adverstised as being supported by the Balance 30, in fact Peplink even offers a brief app note on the function. Problem is, it just dowsn't work, and after days and days working with Peplink, the couldn't make it work either. I chose to "cut my losses" and not waste more valuable time on this device and to return it to 3GStore where I purchased.

I was then further disappointed by 3GStore's return process. After detailed discussions with their rep about my technical problems with the Balance 30 including providing access to the support exchanges with Peplink, 3GStore decided they would charge me a 20% restocking fee on my return. I argued that the device did not perform as advertised and that's the cause for return which is through no fault of mine. They insisted on imposing the fee.

Fine, I suppose if 3GStore needs my $75 that bad, they should keep. Needless to say, this was the first and last time I'll do business with 3GStore. ...Buyer beware!
Date Added: 11/15/2011 by Edward C. (Newfoundland, NJ)

3Gstore Comments:
Hello, in looking at your order history, it looks like you refused to work with Peplink after they were willing to work with you more to get this working. Also, when you returned your item you for a refund, many of the items including in the box were not returned to us. Your credit was issued 3 business days after we received your router. On a side note, we were experiencing a similar condition with a Balance 30 we use at, unable to access a PPTP server within our local network. After working with Peplink, we found that another computer within our local network was requesting the same port via UPnp and that was the reason why things didn't work.

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