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Wilson SignalBoost DT Repeater Kit - 801247 [800/1900mhz]

I purchased this kit to get better reception with my Sprint wireless internet card. My previous signal strength was -95db to -105db. I would occasionally get knocked off of the internet and have to reconnect. When I first connected the repeater, I was getting -65db to -75db. Now after about two weeks my signal strength has dropped to -75db t0 -85db which is still an improvement, but not the 55db improvement that is claimed. I have not been knocked off of the internet with the repeater and I also can now use my cell phone in the house instead of going outside. This kit is definitely an improvement. I used a twenty foot length of 3/4" pipe to mount the outside antennae which is the suggested best way to mount the outside antennae. The alternate outside mounting methods may not get the same results.
Date Added: 11/30/2011 by Ronald S. (Mansfield, OH)

3Gstore Comments:
We're glad it's working out for you! Just to clarify, the 55db you are referring to is the "gain" of the amplifier - it refers to how powerful the amplifier is with regards to how large of an area it can rebroadcast signal to, NOT the amount of improvement you're going to see on your devices. The signal improvement users will see depends on the signal situation at the location (how weak the signal is to begin with, where the tower is, what's in between you and the tower, etc).

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