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Wilson SignalBoost DB Pro Amplifier Kit with OMNI Antenna - 841262 [800/1900mhz]

Our building has steel siding, a steel roof and some steel ceilings and walls. Cell phone reception was non-existant and mobile broadband only worked in a small portion of the building (where we don't need it, of course). We are about 6 miles from the tower and have adequate reception outside. We just couldn't get it inside! The repeater system solved this. Reception in the room with the inside antenna is excellent for both phone and broadband. It even seems to go through one sheet of steel; we get one bar on the cell phone in most of the first floor and second floor rooms, which isn't excellent but is good enough and way more than we expected. It's a bit pricey but well worth it. Wish we'd have done it before. 3GStore was very helpful, too. Their website is easy to use and had excellent info to help us make our decision. I must have sent them a half dozen emails before we bought to help me make the right choice. I'm sure they'd have helped us afterwards, too, but we didn't need it. It went up with no problems.
Date Added: 12/22/2011 by Mary D. (Tipler, WI)

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