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Wilson 12" Magnetic Mount Antenna

I bought this antenna a year ago to use with our internet card from alltel. Where we live, in a trailer, in BFE, this antenna improve 0 signal to 60-75% signal strength by the time we put it up on the roof of the trailer. The worst storms and it never moved from where I put it. Only bad thing is I damaged the cable to it and now have to buy another, but for the money and the gain it has given us, it is well worth the money. Also, gave 100% signal strength, even with a spliced together cable at the antenna with the use of Wilson Electronics dual band power amplifier we bought a few weeks ago. Signal and internet speed improved a great deal when I put it in the system. I diffinantly recommend this product and am buying another myself.
Date Added: 02/10/2011 by Donald C. (Maunie, IL)

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