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International 12V AC Power Supply for MBR1400/MBR1200B/MBR95/CBR450/CBR400/CBA750/CTR35/Surf + More

Power blip took out my Kyocera KR2 router power supply. I tested it with the DC unit and Router was working, tested another similar Plug adapter from an ext harddrive and it it worked so I called 3g store. They don't make that router or have parts for it but this one ought to work said the knowledgeable tech guy, and it came and worked as promised. Al

I wish it wasn't so much, but beats trying to tear the web apart to find a better price. Time IS money. I have always gotten good help and support from 3g Store.
Date Added: 06/24/2012 by Michael B. (Quilcene, WA)

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