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DataJack 598U USB Modem (No Contract Pre-Paid 3G)

I use it in rural Texas. The speed download webpages is as expected, meaning it's slower than wired broadband but faster than dialup. It is a bit too laggy for intensive applications like watching video or online gaming, but its acceptable for other things like email and web surfing. Data plan prices are slightly more expensive than other prepaid plans like Virgin mobile ($20 for 1gb at Walmart) or Walmart's Internet on the go (where the data also doesn't expire after a month), but much better than Verizon's. I wish Datajack also had plans that do not expire after a month for those of us that use it less frequently. I like this modem because it has a connection port for an external antenna to get better reception in remote areas.
Date Added: 10/31/2012 by Henry C. (Southlake, TX)

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