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CradlePoint MBR1200B 3G/4G Mobile Broadband Router w/ WiFi as WAN
Firmware 6.1.0


This router was purchased to provide fail over in a SOHO implementation as well as VPN connectivity with the remote office.

Failover: The router has performed flawless in managing both a DSL and USB modem, in which the DSL connection experiences a number of problems. The default settings worked well at managing fail over and fail back, with tweaking to the settings the fail over is smooth with little downtime. The only downtime in fact, is a few seconds as the router verifies a true outages and brings the modem online.

USB Data Usage: Though generic in nature it tracks usage well and provides sufficient controls to prevent overages.

Load Balancing: Though not a feature we are currently using, it was tested. The default settings need some adjustments to make this feature work properly, but once adjusted properly worked as advertised eliminating a single ISP as the choke point.

VPN: Configuration of the VPN was straightforward making connectivity more streamlined than multiple client-to-site connections and throughput was good. A word though, the wizard will default to an easier, albeit less security VPN method. This is easily resolved by unchecking a couple boxes.

Wireless Performance: We have approximately 32 hosts total, half of which are wireless. We have not experienced drop outs and overall throughput has been good. If there is a weakness though, it would be the wireless as it does not have the same throughput as other radios. (Everything has some room for improvement. ) :)

Ethernet/LAN: These work as advertised handling large file transfers with easy. DHCP works well and managing reservations is a snap.

Overall: I would certainly recommend this device to anyone needing a more services than your standard consumer router. It has proved time and again that it is up to a small office/home office, even with average wireless performance.
Date Added: 10/09/2013 by Jon L. (Leroy, WV)

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