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CradlePoint MBR1400 V2 3G/4G Router w/ WiFi as WAN

We had an MBR1200 v1 which started to fail after 3 years of continuous use. Replacing it with the MBR-1400 everything is now functioning perfectly and the wifi signal is definitely stronger than our other router and our MBR1200. The MBR1400 offers nice features like guest wifi SID and additional management features. Overall, the software upgrade between the MBR1200 v1 and MBR1400 is a bit of a mixed bag. Some of the web UI is better, some is worse. The web interface on the MBR1400 is good. Setting up was easy. Drop in replacement with more features.
Date Added: 11/19/2013 by brian l. (auburn, CA)

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