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Remote Power Switch - 2 Outlets - Home Automation and Remote Rebooting (Routers, WebCams, Servers, etc)

I was looking for a device that would quickly react and reboot a device if the ping was lost. The router I need to reboot locks up many times a day and an automated reboot script wasn't cutting it. The router reboots almost instantly, so I was looking for a device that could cut the power and reboot the router before any connections timed-out. With the fastest reboot settings, the timeout is no longer than 10 seconds. :) Solved my problems and works very well. I like that you can set a scheduled reboot as well as have it monitor the connection. I have a daily reboot set up as well just to make sure things run smooth. It's also great to see all the reboot activity in the log, so you know exactly what's going on. I hope I never need to buy more of these, but I won't hesitate if I do.
Date Added: 11/26/2013 by SAMIR D. (ATHENS, AL)

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