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SureCall 9.5" Wide Band Outdoor Omni 3G/4G Antenna (Cables Sold Separately)

Purchased this antenna hoping it would boost my signal for a cradlepoint modem I have at a country home. I was getting about 1mbps download rates and 10 kbps upload rates before installing the antenna on my roof. I was really hoping to boost the uploads because they were super slow, and a lot of packets were getting dropped. This thing sure boosted it!! I'm now getting consistent 4+ mbps downloads and 500 kbps - 1mpbs uploads, on Verizon (with the cradlepoint). I got two of these actually, with 2 cables and I wired them both up to the cradlepoint. The 3g staff was super helpful with finding the right connectors, cables, etc. With the cables, it was pretty pricy, but made a HUGE difference. Packetloss now is minimal and speeds are blazing fast. Thanks 3G for your help!
Date Added: 11/26/2013 by Luc L. (Glenview, IL)

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