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CradlePoint MBR1400 V2 3G/4G Router w/ WiFi as WAN

This product might work for you if you never need any support. I was shocked to find out that Cradlepoint charges $58 for all support requests -- even online chat. Their support has always been lackluster, but now forcing customers who just paid $400 for a router another $58 to answer questions is galling to say the least. In my specific scenario, I was noticing high latency on our local network, where all the traffic is routed through the Cradlepoint MBR-1400 router. Every 5 seconds, ping response times would jump to 3000ms, then would drop down to _10ms for 4 seconds. This was causing an interruption not only on our internal network (unable to remote desktop into other computers) but also on our internet connections. Websites were extremely slow loading, obviously. Very disappointed in both the router and Cradlepoint's lack of customer service, almost animosity towards customers.
Date Added: 04/18/2014 by Rory G. (Minneapolis, MN)

3Gstore Comments:
This order was placed on 8/2/2012. 3Gstore provides tech support for 1 year at no cost - the complaints mentioned here are regarding Cradlepoint's technical support (not 3Gstore).

3Gstore shipped this product to you with Firmware Version 3.6.0 (the latest firmware back in August of 2012 when it was ordered). If you look at the CradlePoint website you will see that the MBR1400 Hardware Version 1.0 is currently at Firmware Version: 5.1.1 I would highly recommend if you haven't done so already to visit the CradlePoint Firmware Page found here: once there, download the latest firmware available for your router which is 5.1.1 It is also important to note that the product you purchased was 339.99 just 2 years ago, it was the other items in which you purchased that brought your total to just under $400.00 Support from CradlePoint on their Enterprise products are available at a price as you mentioned however so are other router manufacturers. When purchasing products for the enterprise, you have to at least expect to pay for some type of extended warranty or support contract. At $58.00 that can be a steal depending on how many times you plan on calling in for support!

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