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Wilson Single-Band 700-960MHz Yagi Antenna - 301111 (Cables Sold Separately)

IF you are on 800mhz then this is the ticket for remote locations. I am in a hilly, wooded sparsely popluated area of northern wisconsin. The antenna performs to spec and I am getting a solid 14db gain. The cables from 3GSTORE are great and reasonably priced. I was personally surprised that an antenna with cable that worked this well could be had for such a reasonable price.

Without the antenna modem was spotty at best-- with the antenna I am getting about 1mbps down and 256kbps up on Verizon MiFi4510L. Before purchasing this antenna you should log into your modem and check to see what frequency it is operating on etc. In the MiFi you get an output that tells you the provider and band.
Band Class Type: US Cellular (800MHz ) Note that my signal is -89dbm with Ec/Io of only 7 db.

All in all an excellent piece of gear that gets you service where it wasn't possible before.

ERI Version: 4
Dormancy: FALSE
Signal - EVDO: -89 dBm
Signal - 1X: -101 dBm
Signal - LTE: Not Available
SINR - LTE: 30 dB
Battery Level: 4
Battery Charging: 0
Ec/Io : -7.00 dB
Date Added: 08/18/2011 by Robert M. (San Jose, CA)

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