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Wilson 18" Building Mount Omni Antenna w/ Mount (Cables Sold Separately)

3G Rep, told me this was the best one to use out in the country, but this antenna was a waste of money. I wouldn't advise buying this antenna or shopping at 3G to my friends.
Date Added: 09/22/2011 by COREY A. (THORNDALE, TX)

3Gstore Comments:
Hello, sorry that it isn't working for you. It really depends how "far our in the country" you are. It usually is a good idea to do a "site survey" at to see how good or bad your signal is. Antennas really do work and amplifiers increase signal even more. The problem is that every location is different and depending on how far away you are and what is in between you and the signal makes a huge difference. If signal is 20 miles away from you and by the time it gets to you, there is no signal left. Multiplying zero by anything still gets you zero. You do have a 30 day return privilege - so if you are not completely happy, email or give us a call.

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