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Enterprise Amplifier Recommendation Request Form

If you need to boost the cellular signal in your office building, warehouse, or other large facility, 3Gstore's enterprise amplifier experts can help! Fill out the information below and we will work with you to create a custom amplifier solution that works with the networks you use and accommodates your building's unique layout and construction.

Please provide as much information as possible so that we can best assess your needs.

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Name: *
Email Address: *
Phone Number: *
Size of Building:
include dimensions and number of floors
Construction of Building and Interior Walls:
are the walls brick? concrete? drywall? etc
list the carriers and networks for which you need to boost signal, e.g. Verizon 3G, AT&T 4G, etc
Signal Strength:
how weak is the signal inside the building? is it any better outside? if not, how far away do you have to go before you see an improvement in signal?
Provide any additional details about your building, what you are hoping to accomplish, etc:
OPTIONAL: Upload a sketch, blueprint, or diagram of your building showing the dimensions and interior walls, and highlight the areas where improved cellular service is most important
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